Guide to Download Play Store for Samsung Mobile

Samsung is a world renowned company and its manufacturers various devices and mobile phone its products. Most of the Samsung mobile comes with the Android operating system. It also comes with pre-installed Play Store. Therefore, the Samsung users do not have to install the Play Store on their own. However, in some situation the pre-installed Play Store fails to work and then the user is required to install the application.

Moreover, installation of Play Store is also required when the application is deleted accidentally or when the update version of application is needed. If you are referring this page to know how to install Play Store for Samsung mobile, because of any such situations, then we are providing you the complete guideline.

Here is the step by step guide how to download the Play Store for Samsung mobile directly

  • The first and foremost step to download the Google Play Store in Samsung mobile is making the phone ready to install the application. Most of the Android devices come with the default settings with the option ‘download application from unknown source’ disabled. This protects the device from downloading application from any platform. In order to install Google Play Store on your mobile, the first thing you need to do is enabled this option. You will find the unknown source option either in the security category, or in the privacy setting on your phone. So, navigate this option and enable it.

  • Now that your device is ready to install the Google Play Store application. To install this application, you have to install Google Play store .apk file. If you are unaware what is .apk then here is the information for the same.
  • The .apk files are just like the .exe file used in Windows PC. It carries all important settings that the software required to function. Additionally, the installation of .apk file ensures that you are downloading the latest version of the application.

  • To download the Google Play Store APK file, open the browser of your Samsung mobile. You can use any browser present in your phone. Here, type Google Play Store APK file and press the search button.
  • A list of Google Play Store .apk file will open with details like file size and its version. You need to check which Google Play Store .apk version will be supported with your Samsung mobile.

This is the pre work done before initiating the Play Store application download process.

You have to make sure that apk file you are downloading is compatible with your device. You can take help from the Samsung customer care service to know which version of APK file you should download and will work fine with your phone or you can refer the internet to access information about the same. Note down the detailed before proceeding with the aforementioned steps.

  • Now, select the .apk file that best fit with your needs and click on the download button to initiate the download process.
  • Once the file is downloaded, the install option will appear on your Samsung mobile main screen. Or you can open the download folder of your phone to install the file. Click on the install button to install the .apk file and wait till the process complete.

  • Now you will find the Google Play Store icon on your mail mobile screen.  Tap on the icon to open the Google Play store and access the world of applications.

How to get access to your Google Play Store when it is not responding?

After downloading the Play Store if you are unable to access this application, then there is a possibility that you have not created the account on the Play Store. To access Play Store account, you need to have the Google account and it should be kind it on your phone.

If you have the Google account and you have not synced it with your phone, then you won’t be able to access this because of the same reason. Here is the guide how you can access the Play Store to your Google account.

  • Tap on the Google Play Store icon and page will appear asking you to enter your details. The first detail will be your location, followed by your contact detail, email ID and password. If you have an email ID on Gmail account, then use the same to login to Google Play Store.
  • If you do not have the Google account, then you have to create a fresh account on Google platform to get access. Here is the step by step guide for the same.

Create the account on Google Chrome browser

  • Open the Chrome Browser and check the top left side of the screen.

  • Here you will find the option ‘Gmail’. Click on the Gmail icon and a fresh page will open asking you to sign up.
  • A form will open and you will have to enter your details into it. The details include your name, contact number, location.
  • Now, you have to create the email id here. Enter the unique email ID with the extension to create the ID. The same Id is your Gmail account ID followed by the password.

  • Once the process is done, click on the submit button and your Google account is now ready to use.

Create an account on different browsers

If you do not have Chrome browser in your Samsung mobile, then no need to worry. You can open the Google account on different Browser as well. To open the account, all you have to do is,

  • Open the browser and type Google in it. Now, the page will open, check the top left side of the page and locate the option ‘Gmail’. Click on the Gmail icon and follow the aforementioned steps to create the Google ID.

The Gmail ID is a Google account ID and when you will tab on the Google Play Store icon and it will ask you to enter your Google account ID, you need to enter the same detail. Once you enter the details, you will get access to Google Play Store.

This is the simplest way to download Google Play Store in Samsung mobile. There is one more method present through which you can download Play Store in Samsung mobile and this is via your computer. However, while downloading the Play Store in Samsung mobile using this method you have to check certain important points.

  • The first point, download only genuine .APK file and we told you that it is important to download APK file in order to download the Play Store application in Samsung mobile. It is important at the same time to download the genuine APK file. The internet is full of pirated APK files and downloading such file in the device may harm the device permanently as well as damage the data.
  • You can use the genuine platform that you normally used to download different applications to download the genuine apk file as well.
  • Why downloading the file, make sure that you have downloaded the complete file and have not interrupted the process in between. Otherwise, the application will not open and you could not be able to use all the features of it.
  • To ensure that the download process gets complete, uninterrupted, make sure that all the devices you are using to download the application are completely charged and connected with the internet properly.

Also, if you are using the Wi-Fi connection, then it is the best as it will give you smooth and fast internet speed.

How to download update version of Play Store in Samsung mobile

If you just want to download update the Google Play Store on your phone, then also, you have to follow the aforementioned steps. However, before downloading the Play Store, it is important that you check the configuration of your mobile and which latest version would be supportive to your phone. Only then you would be able to download the correct file and access the Play Store smoothly.

Play Store For Siswoo

The smart phone has become one the smart medium to staying connected with different people in the world. No corner of the world has been left, which is untouchable from communication technique. Such type of demand makes a neck to neck competition between various phone manufacturers and they always try to woo customers by providing better features in their phone that they has desired much before. Among numerous mobile companies, Siswoo is one of them.

About Siswoo 

Siswoo is one of such mobile phone makers that provides high-end mobile phones with charming features those are enough to satisfy the customers. Establishing in Europe in the year 2014 and having almost ten years of experience in the communication industry, this is one of the autonomous brand in the world that manufactures most of its hardware and software part by owner.

Maximum mobile phone users never turn down any chance to own a Siswoo phone because they found everything that they were searching for different phones. These are high-end products and all phones are designed simple, fashionable way those are enough to uplift your spirit to a new sphere. With the virtue of a rigorous quality management system, now it is occupying a better place in the world of communication.

These smart are available in different series like I series, R series, C series and A series. All most all are popular and consumers have thumbs up for all these products this is the reason, these are sold in millions of numbers in the market at the current time. Among them Siswoo c50 is one of the most popular smart phone those have already made customers satisfied.

About Siswoo C50

Siswoo is faster than any conventional smart phones. Its charming design will mesmerize you and its metallic body will provide utmost durability that elevates freedom for the users. Its hardware features are really very impressive. It comes with 64-bit quad-core and it has really 1.5GHz potent chipset that proves its benchmark. Additionally, it also has powerful GPU.

Siswoo C50 comes with 5 inch display at the pixel of 720*1280 pixels which is known as decent by its entire means. Selfie enthusiasts are always fond of this phone because it comes with 8 MP rear and 5MP frontal camera. Also that rear camera comes with an Omni vision technique that always taking snaps with proper quality.

People, those were complaining about lack of battery backup they will be satisfied with Siswoo C50 because this phone has a 3000mAh battery that makes it more functional without any hassle. While you are on a trip, there will no need to carry any extra power bank to support your phone. It runs by Android 5.0 version which is known as out of the box from its kind. Such type of features is available in a pocket friendly price which is almost impossible to find at the present time. People those are talking about memory, they should notice that, has 1GB RAM along with 8GB internal memory that makes your phone more enjoyable while saving any preferred audio or video files without any external SD cards. If you want more space, it can be easily expandable.

These phones are coming with the Android operating system and this OS provides various Google certified products preinstalled like Gmail, YouTube, PlayMusic, Map etc. These are iconic and very useful for smart phone users. In case, some of them are missing in your phone, you can download it from external sources.

How to download Google Play Store for Siswoo phone?

You can download and install Google Play Store downloading from your own phone, but it will be better to transfer that APK file from any other device and to install on your phone. To do that, first you need to change the current setting in your own phone.

Go to setting> Tap on security> Check the box allow files from unknown device> A warning message will come and ignore it. Now your phone is ready to accept any file from an unknown source.

No go to your PC and on address bar write Google Play Store download.

It will show a bunch of links those are allowing you to download its APK file, but you should choose the trusted links. This is important because, if that product will be downloaded from any other link, it may corrupt and can harm your device latter. This is the reason you need to always choose reliable sources to download.

  • After clicking on the download link, within seconds, an APK file will be downloaded.
  • When download finish, now to connect PC to your device. This connection can be established through Bluetooth or USB cable.
  • Now connect your PC to device and transfer that APK file to it.
  • Here’s one thing to be remembered, once the file transferred, it will be saved in external memory of your phone and to install that, just change the location of your own device.
  • After changing the location, now time to tap on it.
  • After tapping, it will be installed.
  • For better experience you should reboot your phone once.

Once it is successfully installed, it will be seen on the home screen of your phone. Just click on it and it will ask for your Google account. Enter Google account and now you are free to download whatever you want. To search any, you go through categories or can directly write your search term at the searching bar.

Play Store For WileyFox

Today the market of smart phones has become competitive and there are several new brands that are bringing in new smart phones at unbelievable prices. One such company is WileyFox that is a British brand. The company has started new, in 2015 and its aim is to bring affordable smart phones to the market that does not compromise on quality or features. The company has a lean method of working that ensures that WileyFox devices come at prices that do not ask a premium and makes the latest smart phone technology affordable for all.

The company follows certain unique manufacturing processes such as the commoditization of hardware and bases its smart phones on Android derivatives as the mobile OS. Hence, the products that the company sells offer the best of quality in terms of hardware and software but come at affordable prices.

Popular products of WileyFox

The company has had several products manufactured and launched since it started operating in 2015. The first generation phones of WileyFox, namely Swift and Storm have now moved onto next generation models such as Swift 2, Swift 2 X, Swift 2 Plus and others like the Spark range of smart phones. The first generation products were launched with dual SIM capability and both offered standard and modest features. For instance, Storm had looks that create a good impression at first glance. The build is impressive and sturdy; the main camera is about 20 megapixel and the processing and battery power is moderate.

If we look at the Swift smart phone of the latest generation, it comes at an affordable price with a quad core Snapdragon processor and standard RAM capabilities. The phone has a five inch display of high definition and the camera is 13 MP with dual LED flash as well as a 5 MP front camera.

Android features of WileyFox phones

Most WileyFox phones run on Android OS and users have little to complain about. The standard Android apps come pre loaded as factory settings. However, the settings and configurations are different in these British phones that need changes when they are launched in other markets.

Google Play Store on WileyFox phones

As these are Android phones, you will find the Google Play Store preloaded on most models. This is considered the main marketplace for downloading apps from and is the reliable platform that showcases all kinds of Android apps. If you do not have the Google Play Store on your WileyFox phone, you can choose to download the app on your phone.

This can be done with the following steps:

  • Google Play Store can be found as a free APK file on any reliable forum.
  • You can log onto your mobile web browser to find this file and download the same.
  • Alternatively, you can also choose to download this Android APK file through your computer or laptop.
  • Once you have the free Android APK file on your device, you can install the same.

How to use Google Play Store on your WileyFox phone

When you have the Google Play Store newly installed on your WileyFox phone, you will want to use it in the following ways:

  • Google Play Store needs a Google account login to function.
  • When you open it for the first time, you need to use your login credentials of a Google account.
  • Once the account details are verified, one is given access to Google Play Store main interface.
  • Here there are the popular apps on display that can be easily clicked upon and downloaded.
  • The different categories of apps can be found on the left hand side drop down list.
  • Here one would find the different app categories that showcase the different apps available for download.
  • The apps available are either free or need to be paid for.
  • There is a search option where one can key in the name of an app that one wishes to download.
  • The apps that you click upon will showcase details of the apps, ratings and customer testimonials.
  • You can safely download the apps through the Google Play Store as these are checked and verified before they are made available for download.

With the above steps you will be able to find any app of your choice on Google Play Store and download the same. Google Play Store makes it easy to find any app that one requires. The apps are also updated through this platform. Hence, when there is an update available for any app, you will be notified through Google Play Store.

This platform helps you find apps to make the most of your WileyFox phones. From using the camera to sensors, music player for videos, there are so many ways to enjoy your smart phone. You can easily search out the app of your choice through this platform. Latest apps and the ones you prefer would also be showcased through this platform.

With the above points it becomes evident that the only way to get to use your WileyFox Android phone is to have a working Google Play Store on it. That will allow you to find any app that you need and easily download the same. The apps showcased on this platform would be as per the Android OS operating on your phone. Hence, you need not worry whether the apps you download would be compatible or not on your device. Again, if you opt for paid apps on your device, it becomes a safe transaction when it is done through the Google Play Store.

Play Store For Meizu Download

This article is about Meizu Company and its Android based electronic products. This startup company is new, a venture of the new millennium that is based in China. A high school student Jack Wong started this company in 2003 with his experience in working for a factory that dealt with electronics products. He started the company initially to sell portable music players. This line of products then expanded to include smart phones as the initial products of MP3/MP4 players saw instant success in the market.

Today Meizu is rated as the 11th reputed smart phone maker in the world which is commendable, considering the competitiveness of the segment. The company has sold as many as 20 million phones, two years back, in the seven years that it has started to manufacture smart phones. The growth rate of the sales of its products increases steadily. Being a Chinese electronics firm, the company focuses on keeping its products competitively priced but there is nothing that falls short of technology features of the products it sells.

Latest and popular Meizu products

Among the latest array of products that the company has launched or has lined up for 2018 is Meizu M6s. This is the latest mobile launch that is much anticipated about this year. This phone features a 5.7 inch touch screen display with high definition resolution features. The phone comes powered by a hexa-core Samsung processor that promises fast performance. With 3GB RAM and expandable memory option, the phone comes with a 16 megapixel primary camera and a selfie shooter of 8 megapixel capacity. This phone is based on Android 7.1.2 and has all the standard connectivity options and features.

Other popular upcoming products of this company include two other smart phones, the Meizu Pro 7 and its plus version. They are competitively priced as per the high end smart phones being sold in the market by competing brands. Both these smart phones have some unique features that make them exclusive among which they come with an AMOLED display at the back. Having two screens makes these smart phones unique. They have handsome design features, sporting slim, metallic frames along with dual camera sensors, fingerprint scanner, and unique positioning of the different keys, speakers and camera sensors.

What to expect from Meizu smart phones?

The Meizu smart phones, existing as well as upcoming phones are based on the Android operating system. Whether you wish to buy an existing model or wait for the new products, you will get them based on the latest versions of the Android operating system. There would be essential Android apps loaded on the phones as factory settings. Among the different apps that one can expect on these phones, Google Play Drive is an essential app that would certainly be present.

Google Play Drive on Meizu smart phones

Google Play Drive is an essential app for any Android based device. That is because of the functions and features it provides such as:

  • It acts as the main platform from where one can download Android apps directly.
  • The apps that would work for a certain Android operating system or mobile device are displayed on this platform.
  • It acts as a dependable source of Android apps of different kinds, whether they are utility apps, entertainment apps and so forth.

How to download Google Play Store on your Meizu device?

In case you do not find Google Play Store on your Meizu device, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Log onto your device’s mobile web browser.
  • Ensure that you have worked Wi-Fi or mobile data connectivity.
  • Use a search engine like Google to search for Google Play Store.
  • This app comes as a free Android APK file.
  • Ensure that you find the version that would be compatible with your phone’s OS.
  • Download the free file by enabling download from unknown sources in your phone’s settings.
  • Once the file is downloaded, allow the installation to happen.

How to use Google Play Store on your device?

Once Google Play Store is installed on your Meizu device, you can start to use it in the following way:

  • Open the app and log in using any Google account you own.
  • Once the account is logged in, you will be shown the main interface of Google Play Store.
  • Here you will find apps of different categories that would be compatible with your device.
  • There would be paid or free apps that are categorized in different ways.
  • You can search for any app by using the search option as well.
  • It is easy to browse as per the popular apps displayed or seek out apps through the categories showcased in the drop down list.

Once you get the app of your choice, you will get to read app description details, check and compare other apps that are available as well as knowing rating and customer feedback about an app before downloading the same. With such facilities it becomes easy to download any app you want from Google Play Store. Also, you are assured of the safety and security of every download you make from this platform.

With such features, it becomes imperative that you download Google Play Store on your Meizu smart phone or phablet if it is not present. This will help you expand the functionality of the device. It will also help you get maximum benefits and enjoyment from your device as you use the different features on it that different apps provide.

Get Gift Card In Google Play Store

Play Store

Google Play features about 2.7 million applications for the Android platform as of 2017. There are around 150 countries where Google Play operates and offers purchase of apps that are globally found as well as local or regional applications. Indeed, today every service or website offers an app that would work on an Android device. Hence, from a shopping app to a bank app as well as games, books, music and much more can be found on Google Play.

This platform was founded in 2012 when Google integrated its different Android marketplaces and applications through which it allowed developers to market different apps. With a consolidated platform Google was able to offer users a wider network of apps as well as developers could market their apps that are reviewed and recommended by Google as per their quality and dependability.

Play StoreGoogle Play has several features it offers:

  • Any Android device becomes multi functional and useful with different Android apps downloaded from this store.
  • Most Android devices have Google Play pre installed or allow the APK file to be installed on it for free.
  • With Google Play one does not need to worry about finding an app or how to manage it; this application optimizes with the device on which it is running and showcases apps that would be compatible with the Android OS of the device. The apps are usually verified for malware and one is assured of the reliability of the apps at the time of downloading the same.

Google Play comes as an integrated platform for the different categories of apps like games, music, books and more and one can also download separate apps like Google Play Music, Google Play Games, Google Play Books and others. The dedicated apps showcase apps that are of that particular genre only. Hence, when you have Play Games separately on your device you can find games of different genres on this platform; you can enjoy multiplayer games that have real time game sessions and allow you to share scores with others, upload your games or score on cloud accounts and other features.

Google Play Music showcases the world of music that comes with Google Play. Not only music files but also podcast streaming is available on this platform. One can browse through 40 million songs, enjoy the cloud storage facility as well as opt for subscription services. The same goes for Google Play Books which acts as an eBook digital distribution platform. From here one can download eBooks in EPUB or PDF file formats. There are eBooks available for purchase as well as one could upload their own eBooks through this portal.

Google Play also has separate apps for movies and TV shows called Google Play Movies and TV. The same goes for magazines and news publications.

With the variety of applications available on this platform, there is a unique concept called Gift Cards that Google Play introduced. There are many apps that are available for free downloading from this forum, but also those that come for a price. All apps are enticing on this platform, whether they are for functional or entertainment purposes. Hence, young or old, anyone would be happy to get a gift card that enables them to purchase what they want from Google Play. The gift cards are designed for purchasing any kind of app from this platform. One could even opt for subscription rental of their favorite shows, movies or magazines with gift card redemption coupons.

The gift cards can be bought in different ways from Google Play Store. There are many virtual online stores that sell Google Play gift cards of different denominations. You can also get them at select retail outlets. You can find a list of such outlets by searching online. At the time of opting for a gift card from a virtual or retail outlet check the following:

  • Whether the gift card has any restrictions on the kind of purchase one can do with it.
  • The denomination of the card and whether one can carry forward the balance.
  • The validity date of the gift card and when it would expire.

Once you acquire a gift card there are easy ways of redeeming the same such as:

  • Open up Google Play Store app on your device.
  • Tap on the Menu present on the top left hand side of the app.
  • Here you will get the option to Redeem.
  • Enter the code you have and tap on redeem.

Play StoreIt is even possible to send across a Google Play gift card virtually to a loved one. When you are at an outlet where Google Play gift cards are available, you can select the gift card of your choice; you might be asked to identify the account you use with Google Play. When you wish to make the gift card available for use by another, you would be prompted to enter their email address along with any message that you wish to send. You can then proceed to complete payment for the Google gift card and the link to avail the code would be sent to the recipient’s email address.

Google Play gift cards are a wonderful way to gift anyone who loves to use apps or has an Android device. As Google Play Store is present in most Android devices one is sure to find uses for Google gift cards. All one needs to do is find the code that comes with the gift card and enter the same in the redeem option given on Google Play Store. One simply needs to ensure that the code is valid on the date that one is using it and then one can proceed to choose the apps they wish to purchase among the options that are showcased on Google Play.

Play Store For Samsung

Play Store

Google Play launched in 2012 brought together the Android market that was created by Google as well as separate market places such as Google eBookstore and Google Music. All these were united to form a single brand. This showcased a shift in how Google distributed and managed digital content and applications developed for the Android platform. As Android operating system was launched by Google, there was a need to create a separate marketplace whereby users could opt for apps as and what they wanted. At the same time, developers could have a platform where they could market the apps they developed for the Android platform and allowed Google to review and verify the apps before they were released for download.

Play StoreThe widespread popularity of Google Play is for the following points:

  • With a regulated framework Google Play has been able to steadily build the marketplace that offers its services across 150 countries.
  • There are 2.7 million apps available for download on this platform.
  • There are paid as well as free apps that are available for download.
  • The marketplace not only offers apps for download but also allows updating of apps to happen and links to a Google account of the user.
  • The apps that are made available through this platform are safe and secure and hence, users are ensured that no viruses or malware would be downloaded with apps found in Google Play Store.

Apps are available for download for free or for a charge on this site. Users can use Google Play Store only when they link a valid Google account with the website. This enables Google to identify users and one can have a single Google account linked to different mobile devices where Google Play exists. The account also provides payment options; those who have Google account can opt to save different payment methods on their account in a secure manner; this can be accessed to pay for any app before download.

Samsung offers different kinds of Android based smart phones and tablets. As a result, in many devices of Samsung Google Play Store comes as a pre installed app. Not only will you find Google Play pre installed but the different apps like Google Play, Google Music often is pre installed for users to find the content of these different categories on these applications. On a Samsung device which has Google Play Store already installed, one can find books, music, magazines, movies and much more through this framework.

When you have a Samsung device and Google Play Store installed on it, the app showcases apps that are compatible with that particular device. That helps users to not have to worry about checking compatibility of the apps before downloading. This is ensured by providing apps as per the Android OS of the device on Google Play.

If you have a new Samsung device that does not have Google Play installed on it, the following steps will help you get the app on your device:

  • Log onto the web browser of your device and ensure that you have mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity on.
  • Visit Google and search for Android APK file Google Play.
  • Find a trusted source to download the file which should be compatible with your device and of the latest version.

When you download the file and try to install it, you need to modify the settings on your device to allow downloads from unknown sources. Once this is done and the APK file of Google Play installed, you can enjoy all the facilities of Google Play on your device.

Play StoreThere are several categories of apps that are popular on Google Play. For instance, Play Games is an extensive platform that features games of different genres. These could be free or for a charge. There are games for kids, adults and of varying interests and skill levels. There are games that are real time and multi player mode; one can save their results on cloud services and showcase their achievements vis a vis others for many competitive games. Again, motion sensitive and other fun effects can be found in games that are both engaging and educational for kids of all ages.

After Google Play Games, the music category is also popular. Here one can enjoy the podcast and music streaming service that Google provides. One can access about 400 million songs on the database and use cloud storage service as well. When it comes to Google books there are about five million eBooks that one can find on Google Play which are downloaded in EPUB and PDF formats. The same goes for magazines and publications that are part of Google Play Newsstand. One will also find movies and TV shows on this forum which are either available for purchase or for rental purposes.

Google Play for any Samsung device will continue to give the latest apps and offers to the user as long as one keeps the app updated. The notification of the latest updates and releases are often sent as push messages to the device. It is necessary that the latest updates are installed so that the platform remains secure and one can enjoy the latest features and amenities on offer.

Play Store For Nokia

Play Store

Any smart phone that one has needs to have apps on it to make it functional as well as to ensure entertainment on the go. We need chat services to connect with our friends and loved ones; we want to stay in touch with our email accounts to check the email correspondence from the office and other places and so forth. Idle hours can be spent playing on different mobile games as well as booking our favorite movies on apps or even a travel booking for an upcoming holiday.

Play StoreThere are different kinds of mobile operating systems that are available. The Android operating system wins hands down when it comes to popularity among smart phones and tablets. Many manufacturers offer Android on their devices which make it the most common operating system for mobile devices. Other popular mobile operating systems are that of the Symbian operating system that runs on Nokia devices while Apple devices work on iOS.

Google Play is the store where one can find different kinds of Android based apps. Android is an open source operating system from Google and this marketplace was created to allow developers to market different Android apps through this framework where the apps can be evaluated and reviewed before they are put up for download or for sale. There are certain features that Google Play offers:

  • It is a virtual marketplace for different kinds of Android apps.
  • This online marketplace, it itself an APK or Android app that comes pre installed in many devices or needs to be downloaded from online sources.
  • There are apps of different categories that one can download from this app and these are verified, reviewed and details are provided about each app.
  • The lightweight app on Google Play Store is available on the web and it is a free app available for download on Android devices. In case the app needs to be downloaded on any other device, there needs to be an emulator program installed that supports Android APK files on it.
  • The apps that are available in this store are free or need to be paid for. One can update them on this platform as well as manage them how they want. All one needs to do is have a valid Google account to link to Google Play Store in order to access the apps on it.

Nokia smart phones need little introduction as this is one brand that was one of the pioneers at the time when cellular technology was new. By the time smart phones came around, Nokia had evolved in different ways to provide several unique advantages for the users. The Symbian operating system is unique and different from other mobile operating systems out there; it had formed a merger a few years back with Microsoft to bring forth smart phones that were powered by the Windows mobile operating system. Today, even Android based Nokia phones have been launched in the market.

Main features of Nokia phones are:

  • No matter what the operating system of these phones, the hardware of Nokia phones is sturdy and resilient against damages.
  • Many come with Gorilla Glass screens that are resistant to scratches.
  • Picture quality and resolution are of high definition and crystal clear.
  • Most Nokia phones are powered with a Snapdragon core processor which ensures impressive speed even when you are multitasking.

For the above reasons Nokia phones remain a preferred choice for many users in the market. If you wish to get a Google Play Store with a Nokia phone that runs on Symbian operating system or Windows, you need to get an emulator program to create an Android OS environment.

Play StoreThe following steps will help you find an emulator program on your Nokia phone:

  • Check the application manager program on your Nokia phone to ascertain whether there is an Android simulator app.
  • In case the app is not found, you can log onto your mobile web browser.
  • Look for an Android simulator app that would be compatible with your Nokia phone.
  • Check for device and OS compatibility at the time of downloading the emulator program.
  • Once the download is completed, you can install the application. Once it is running successfully on your phone, you can use it to download Google Play Store on it.

The Google Play Store will show up as an Android APK file on the emulator program. Many emulator programs have easy search results showcased which would allow you to download and run the Google Play app easily on this platform. Once it is set up, you need to create an account on this store. If you have an existing Google account, link it to Google Play. You will then gain access to varieties of the apps on this platform. Download any app of your choice as per the instructions that you find on Google Play. The apps you download through Google Play will work as they do in other Android devices, but only on the emulator program. You can have access to popular apps like WhatsApp, email apps like Gmail or Outlook, food order or home delivery apps for your region, games and other entertainment apps as you desire. Google Play has almost all popular apps you might wish to access and it will provide you access to all the apps you want and get easy download options for the same.

Play Store For iPhone

Play Store For iPhone

The Google Play Store app that is available for download and use for different Android devices was previously known as Android market. Today it serves as a digital distribution network for different Android apps that are sold by different firms and developers, either for free or for a charge and mediated by Google. The apps are verified and published for download on the platform to assure safe and secure applications that can be downloaded and enjoyed on any Android device. There are diverse categories of apps that one can download from Google Play Store.

Play Store

Here are some key features that Google Play Store offers:

  • There are diverse categories of apps to download that are divided mainly between books, games, movies and music, utility apps and others.
  • A single Google account linked to Google Play will allow one to download and use apps on different mobile devices.
  • It acts not only as a forum where one can download apps, but also intimates users about updates and other information related downloaded apps.
  • There are about 2.7 million apps available on this platform which surpasses apps on any other online marketplace or for any other OS.

For the above reasons it is not hard to see why Google Play Store is a must have for any Android device. Indeed, any Android based device is incomplete without Google Play. Most new Android devices come with Google Play pre installed. In other devices that have older OS or need to have the application installed, they can easily get the Android app link from their mobile web browser. This in turn will allow Google Play Store to be installed on the device and one can then enjoy the benefits of the application and the online marketplace.

While Google Play is designed as an Android based application that can only run on Android devices, there are certain versions designed to work on iOS as well. Though one might not get the full application of Google Play and its features, the app that is designed to work on Apple devices will work on the operating system of Apple devices without the need for a simulator platform or program to be run.

There are several reasons why one might want to run Play Store on their iOS devices. The Play Store has millions of apps of different kinds that are available on this platform. Due to the popularity of Android devices, the apps available for running on Android devices far outrun the apps that are made compatible for other mobile operating systems. Hence, users of Apple devices might want to use or download apps that are available on Play Store. There are certain versions of Play Store that come pre installed in Apple devices. If you have a pre installed Play Store application on your Apple device, you can open this app and start using the same.

For those who do not have Google Play Store on their iOS and wish to download the same after searching for the file on iTunes, here are some options available to them:

  • As iPhones and iPads run on different operating system you need to make certain changes in order to allow Google Play to run on your device.
  • Jail breaking is an option to go for. Know that jail breaking will allow other networks and certain apps to be installed on your device, but you would be making any existing guarantee with Apple null and void.
  • You can download the APK file for Google Play from a trusted source and keep it for installation later on.
  • You need to install Cydia and bootlace application on your jail broken iPhone or iPad. When you launch Cydia you need to run bootlace applications from it.
  • After these operations restart the device to allow the changes to be made part of the operating system.
  • You need to install iDroid which is considered a simulator Android operating system for iOS.
  • Once this platform is downloaded and installed on your Apple device, you can install Google Play by running the APK file you downloaded.

The above points showcase how Play Store can be achieved for iOS devices which do not have an Android operating system. In order to enjoy the apps available on Play Store, you need to download a simulator program for Apple devices. There are several out there and it is best that one reads up reviews of these programs and their advantages before installing one on their device. Once the simulator program is installed, it will help you install Google Play on this platform. You can then use Google Play on this simulator as you would on an Android device.

Play StoreHere is a list of things you need to do to enjoy Google Play apps on your iOS device:

  • Open the simulator program on your Apple device.
  • Locate the APK file for Google Play and download it on this platform.
  • Once Google Play is successfully downloaded, open the app and create an account on it.
  • If you have an existing Google account, you can link it to the app.
  • Once the account details are created and verified, you will be able to log on and check out the different apps.

Once Google Play becomes available on your device, you can download apps and use them in the simulator program. This enables you to enjoy the apps as you would on any Android device. If there is any utility or entertainment app you wanted to download and could not find it on iTunes, chances are that you will find it easily on Google Play. This is the largest online marketplace for apps and ensures a safe and secure way to browse apps and download them. You are assured of the reliability of the apps when you download them from Google Play Store.

Play Store For Samsung

Play Store Samsung

Samsung is known to be one of the leading multinational conglomerates in the world. With several businesses that the group heads, its electronic devices come under Samsung Electronics. Known to be the second largest information technology company, you will find that the mobile devices that it markets under consumer electronics is one of the most popular and high selling division of the company.

Play Store SamsungSamsung devices are known for the following features:

  • They are based on the Android operating system.
  • These feature cutting edge mobile technology in software and hardware.
  • There are mobile devices of different budget range to appeal to different consumer segments.

As most Samsung smart phones and tablets are based on the Android operating system, Google Play Store is a standard application that is often pre installed as one of the mandatory apps on the new devices issued by this company.

Google Play was formerly known as Android market. It can be defined as the digital distribution framework by Google through which different kinds of apps are marketed and made available for download. Today there are other Android app marketplaces but Google Play is the official store that is run by Google whereby it mediates all the paid or free apps that are uploaded by Android developers across the world.

Features of Google Play Store are as follows:

  • Due to the open source nature of Android OS, there are nearly three million apps today on this interface that are offered by different application developers.
  • The apps are vetted and verified by Google to mediate the process of uploading apps on this interface and to ensure that the apps provided are safe to download and use on a user’s device.
  • The apps are of varied categories; this marketplace was formed by combining the old Android market along with Google Play Books, Google Play Games, Google Play Music, Google Play Movies and TV and others. These apps, however also exist as sub categories or standalone applications for download.
  • The apps that are available for download on Google Play are either free or charged.

Android applications are mostly to be found in this online marketplace as Google has proven time and again that it provides a safe and secure framework for apps to be advertised here. There are strict norms that developers need to follow in order to advertise their apps here and these are run through several tests that ensure that no malicious content comes along with an app that can infest a user’s device. Google Play is available for download across 150 countries. With localized domains and regional flavors, it makes it easy for user of any country to set the language accordingly as per the language options available and use Google Play as they wish to.

The main sections of Google Play are the following:

  • Google Play Games is a major and popular section of this app. You will find games of different categories and for varying age groups and interests. There are multiplayer games as well, which one can be part of real time and showcase results through cloud save and public leaderboards.
  • Google Music is another popular segment of Google Play. You can have a separate app of it as well whereby you will gain access to a database that has millions of songs; there is a podcast streaming service as well as a free cloud storage facility to save the songs of your choice.
  • Google Books is a popular segment of Google Play. You can find a wide range of eBooks here that are available for download, usually subject to purchase and one can download them in PDF or EPUB file formats.
  • The Movies and TV Shows are another segment of Google Play Store. Here one can download popular television shows and movies and either purchase them or opt for rental plans.

These are some of the major categories of Google Play. If you have a Samsung device that already has Google Play downloaded on it, the following steps will help you to get started:

  • Open the app and link a Google account with it.
  • If you have an existing Google account like a Gmail account, you will be able to link it to Google Play.
  • You can then browse through the different categories and select an app that you wish to download.
  • When you click on an app you are shown the different details and screen shots, user reviews and testimonials.
  • You can also search for a particular app by simply typing in the app name on the search option given on top of the interface of Google Play.

Play Store SamsungThose who have Samsung devices that do not have a Google Play app installed can do the following steps to get it on their device:

  • They can log onto their mobile web browser.
  • Here they can search for Google Play of the version compatible with their device.
  • Once the file is downloaded one can install the APK file.
  • This in turn will lead to Google Play opening up on their phone or tablet.

Users then need to link a Google account to the Play Store to continue to download apps.

If you are trying to download Google Play for Samsung device manually, the steps to follow are:

  • Visit the mobile web browser and ensure that you have mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Find the APK file of Google Play that would be compatible with your device.
  • Download the file from a trusted source.
  • Allow the file to install and then run the application.

The above steps will help one to get Google Play manually installed in their Samsung device.