Methods to Download Play Store Free of Cost

Android phones available in the market these days come with pre-installed Google Play Store. So, Most of the time you are not required to download this application, however, if the Google Play Store has been accidentally deleted by you or it hasn’t come with the Google Play Store app, then here is the step by step guide to download this wizard.

Here we are giving you two methods of downloading Google Play Store in your phone

  • Download Google Play Store directly on your phone.
  • Download Google Play Store to your computer in your phone.

Google Play Store opens the door for numerous applications for your use. Here is quick and simple method to download the Play Store on your Android phone directly.

  • In order to download the Play Store in your phone, the first you need to take is preparing your phone to install any new application. The initial step of downloading Play Store is downloading the APK file. The Android applications come in APK format. The Google Play Store is also an Android application; therefore, you need to download the Play Store APK file on your phone at the first.

Download Play Store APK

The APK file can be downloaded from the internet, but before that you need to make some changes in your phone settings. Follow the steps to make changes in your phone setting.

  • Go to the settings page of your phone and navigate the option ‘Unknown Sources’. This option is the default option in any Android phone. Once you have located this option, enable it. You will find this option either in the security option of your phone in the privacy settings.
  • Now that you have made changes in your phone, it is the time to download the Play Store APK file. To download the APK file, go to the main menu of your phone and open your favorite Browser. You can use Google Chrome, UC Browser, Internet Explorer or any other, according to your convenience.
  • In the browser type Play Store APK and then press the enter button.
  • You will get a list of options to download the Play Store APK. Choose the one that fits with your needs and compatible with your Android device. After selecting the file, click on the download button present right in front of the option.
  • While the APK file is downloaded on your phone, do not disturb the process by doing other activities. Once it is done, click on the install option that will appear once the download process is complete. It is similar to how we download any other application in the smart phone.
  • Once you have installed the APK file and saved it at the desired location, navigate the file and click on it to open it in your phone.

Congratulation! Now the Play Store APK file is successfully downloaded in your home. Tab on the file and the Google Play Store is now ready to use in your phone.

Now, you can use the Play Store to hover different Android applications and use it.

What is APK file?

The full form of APK is Android Package Kit. This is basically a package file format that Android Operating system uses to install and distribute different mobile applications. It is similar to the windows .exe file that Windows operating system required to download any software. Being an Android user, you must have heard about the term APK at some point of time. But if you haven’t heard about the same, then this information will be helpful to you.

When you are downloading the APK file, it means you are downloading the application. However, while downloading any application from Play Store it could be possible that you must not have encountered the term APK. But, in certain occasions, you need to download the APK for any specific Android mobile application.

Why it is required to download the APK file?

The APK files on Android are kind of leaked version of a software that Android is launching in the recent time. So, the file gives you access to all the features of software that would not be available to you otherwise. Additionally, some applications and its features remain limited only up to a certain region, the APK file download ensures that you are getting all the features of a specific application without any filter.

Android offers the application auto update facility, but it takes a huge time for applications to get updated automatically. When the APK file is installed, the process become smooth and faster.

How to download Google Play Store APK file?

On the internet, there is no shortage of Play Store APK file, but the sad part is not every APK file is the original and Google Sign version. Therefore, while downloading the file you need to make sure that you have chosen the right file.

To download the genuine APK file, you can refer those technical bloggers whom you can trust or platform that provide the original software.

Download Google Play Store via computer

The Google Play Store installation process on the computer is same as mobile with little difference. So, here also, the first step to download the Google Play Store on your computer would be installing the Google Play Store APK file.

  • Choose the genuine APK on your browser and then download it on your computer and save it to the desktop. This is just to make sure that the software is easily accessible.
  • Now that you are taking the APK file from the computer in your Android phone, therefore, it is important that you make the necessary setting changes in your phone before proceeding to the next steps.
  • Enable the option ‘unknown sources’ to allow your phone to do installation from different sources. This is the same step that you performed in the APK file download in phone directly.
  • Once you have done the required setting changes, connect your Android phone to your computer through the data cable.
  • When you will connect your phone to your computer, you will get the option on your screen ‘To Charge’ or to connect as ‘Media Device’. Tap on the second option ‘media device’. This option will allow you to exchange files between your computer and mobile phone.
  • Open your phone folder in your computer. You can locate your phone folder on my computer or desktop, depends on your computer configuration.
  • Now from the desktop where you have saved the Google Play Store APK file, copy the file and paste it in your phone’s folder.
  • Check your phone to locate the copied APK file. You can check this file in your device file folder.
  • Now when, you have located the APK file on your smart phone, tap on the file to install the APK on your device.

Congratulation, the Google Play Store is now successfully downloaded to your phone via your computer and ready to use. The Play Store has a plethora of applications and games. Some are free and some are paid. After installing the Play Store in your phone, you can download as many applications as you want.

These are two easy way to download Play Store APK file in the phone.

Important points to note when you are downloading the APK file are

  • While downloading the APK file from your browser, make sure that you are downloading only the genuine APK file. The internet is full of APK that are malware and can harm your device or breach your privacy.
  • While downloading the file, do not interrupt the process by doing other activities on your devices.
  • The downloading and installation of APK file either on the phone or on the computer requires smooth internet connectivity. Therefore, make sure that you have an internet connection at your place. Wi-Fi is the best for this type of work.
  • Keep your device fully charged, so that it does not get off during the process.
  • While opening or installing the file in devices, some pop up will appear with the message “this type of file may harm your device’. Ignore such messages and continue the process.

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