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How to update the Google Play Store application manually and automatically

Are you facing trouble in accessing your Google Play Store? You are unable to download Google Play Store applications, music, games and other things? Are you constantly trying to open the Play Store but it is not responding? Whenever you try to open the Play Store you are asked to create an account at the store?

If this is all the problems you are facing, then on this page, we are going to troubleshoot all your issues. Will let you know how to let your Google Play Store application run smoothly on your phone, as well as how you can update your Google Play Store version both manually as well as automatically.

If you are unable to access your Google Play Store, then check the following possibility and troubleshoot the issue.

Check the internet connectivity in your device

At the first, you check if your phone is having good connection of internet. Google Play Store is the on cloud application, therefore, it requires good internet connectivity to open and allow you to perform different operation in it. In case there is poor internet connectivity, try to connect your phone with other internet or Wi-Fi connection and check if the problem is resolved. If it is not! Then check the other possibility.

Check if the application is healthy and not corrupted

When the application gets corrupted because of the Malware attack, stop responding the way it does. To check if your application is infected, clear the cache memory as well as data. For this, visit the setting application of your device and press on the Google Play Store icon. You will get the option ‘clear cache memory’ there, tap on it and then click on the option ‘clear data’. If there would be any damage in the app, then data cleaning will let you open the application once again. If not? Then try the third step.

Restart your phone

Sometime applications stop responding because many applications are running in the background of the phone at the same time. Restart your phone and try to open the store once again. If the application is still not responding, then it is time to update the Play Store in your phone.

Also check if you have an account on Play Store. The Play Store will not respond in case you do not have an account or there is any change in details.

To create an account, all you have to do is

  • Click on the Play Store icon and then, it will ask you to create an account.
  • Tap on the existing button, if you have already synched your Gmail with your phone or new button to create a new account.
  • When you will click on existing button, you will have to enter your email and password to create the account.
  • If you will click on the new button, you will have to follow the process to create the fresh account.

There are two methods exist by which you can update the Play Store version in your phone. The automatic and the manual process. Let’s start with the automatic process.

Update the Google Play Store automatically

All the applications on any Android device get updated at a regular interval of time in the background. It gets updated without even the user’s knowledge. But, for the Android device to update the application automatically, it is important that you have enabled the automatic update option in your phone. If you have not done this, then the device will not take the update and would need for manual instructions. So, here is the guide to let your device automatically take the updates of your application and install it.

  • First turn on the Google Play Store in your phone. You can do this by tapping on the Google Play Store icon.
  • In the application, check at the top left side, here, you will find the three horizontal lines. Tap on it to have a view on the options. Tap on the setting option.
  • Once you click on the setting option there you’ll find the automatic update option. Click on it to activate it.
  • Here, you will get the options to allow your device to take the automatic update. The first one is “take the update any time when connected to the internet”. If you will agree with this option, then your device will take the update anytime when you will connect to the Wi-Fi or your data connection.
  • The second option is, ‘take the update with Wi-Fi connection only’. If you agree to this option, your device will take the update whenever it will get connected to the Wi-Fi connection. This is good, if you want to save your data.

Update Google Play Store application manually

If you do not want to take the update automatically because of any reason, then the manual update option is also present in the Google Play Store app. Unlike the automatic update, the manual update will take some time. But, the benefit of manual update is you would be able to install some specific application that you want to use and this will save your data.  Here are the steps to take Play Store updates manually.

  • First, open the Google Play Store icon present in your phone and land on its main page. This page will have the other options to activate update process.
  • Now, click on the option list present at the top left side of the page and check all the options. Here, you will find the option “My apps and games”. Click on the same option.
  • When you will click on this option, a list will open containing information about all the download items. And at the top, you will get three options Install, library and update.
  • Because we want to update the application, therefore we will click on the option ‘update’. Once you will tap on this option, a list will open containing information about all the application that requires updates.
  • You will see the update option at the front of each application along with its detail like file size.
  • Here you can choose all the applications that you want to update and follow the instructions of device to download update version of the app. For example, we are downloading the Google Play Store update version, so, we will click on the update option for the same.
  • Wait for some time to let the application download and install the update. It will take some time, so do not interrupt the process.
  • There is one more option present in the manual update category “Update all”. By clicking on this option, we allow the device to install updates for all the applications running on our device. This will install updates for all the applications in one go.

So, these are the two methods how update of Google Play Store application can be installed.

Things to remember while installing update version of Google Play Store

  • Keep the device fully charges, so that, it doesn’t turn off during the process.
  • The update should be done when there is good internet connectivity present. The Google Play Store requires excellent internet connection.
  • While downloading the update do not interrupt the process doing other tasks on the device like taking calls or playing games.

Why does Play Store requires update?

It is important to use the updated version of an application as it remains bug free and loaded with latest features. With the change in time, people’s requirements also changes and application too are made according to the needs of users. The update is required for the same reason.

Symptoms that shows application needs update

  • The application becomes slow.
  • It does not have all the features that your friend or colleague is having in the same app.
  • Different errors start coming in the app.

You can follow the above mentioned troubleshoot steps to resolve the issues, however, if the issue still persist, and then it means that your application need update.

How to open and Download Play Store for PC

Step by step guide Play Store for PC download

Google Play Store is kind of application that everyone is in need of. This is because, this application is filled with many other applications developed for users of present time. These days, mobile devices come with pre-installed Play Store as the mobile manufacturers are also aware of this fact that user would need Play Store at the end of the day. However, the computers and laptop do not come with pre-installed Play Store. And the users, who want to have this application on their system, install it on their own. If you do not have Play Store on your Windows computer and you want to know how to download Play Store in PC, then here is the complete guide for you.

Play Store for PC download

The Google Play Store download process for PC is different from Android devices as the computers and laptops have Windows, Linux or Mac OS on it. On the other hand, the mobile phones have the Android platform in it. Google Play Store is also the Android application; therefore, installing this application in mobile phone is easier than the PC.

The Google Play Store can be downloaded on PC through three methods and these are

  • Google Play Store download via BlueStacks.
  • Google Play Store download via Android.
  • Google Play Store download via NOX APP Player.

Google Play Store download via BlueStacks

BlueStack is the application that allows users to download Google Play Store which is an Android based application in the Windows environment. So, in order to download the Play Store via BlueStacks, first you need to download the application.

  • Open the browser on your computer and enter the BlueStacks Android Emulator application in the blank and press the enter button to begin the search.

  • You will get multiple options of the BlueStacks link to download. Select the genuine one and click on it to download the application.

  • Once you click on the link, the download button will appear. Click on the download button followed by the BlueStacks Installer icon.

  • After clicking on this button the download process of BlueStacks application will begin and you have to wait for some time to let the process complete. However, the process won’t take more than a few seconds.
  • When the process will complete, click on the install button to install this application in your computer. This process will also take some time as your computer will take all the settings of this application.
  • After installing the application, you have to open it. Click on it to open the application in your PC. To open the application, you need press on the next button shown on the page.

  • While your PC will download the application, it will share some instructions with you during the process. Follow the instruction carefully to have complete understanding about the software as well as what changes it is bringing in your PC.
  • Though, these instructions are shown during the process, they are not as important to keep in mind. You have to click on the next button till you reached the welcome page.
  • At the welcome page, you will find some blank in which you are required to enter your detail. These details include, your location, contact detail. Press on the next button again.

  • A new page will open and here you have to enter your Google account ID. If you already have the Google account ID synched in your PC, click on the option ‘Add your existing Google account and sign in below’. If you do not have the Google account ID Pink with your PC, or you do not have any Google account ID, then click on the second option ‘You can create a new account on Google on your PC’.

Right now we are assuming that you have the Google account ID Synched with your PC and so we are proceeding to the next step.

We will let you know how to create the Google Account ID in this section itself at the end. You can use the same process to create the Google Account and then use the same to download the application and get access on it.

  • Now that, you have entered your Google account details in the given blank, press the next button to finish the installation process.
  • Open the BlueStacks application on your PC and check the homepage of the application. Here you will find the option ‘Google Play Store’. Click on this option to access Google Play Store on your PC.
  • Will be asked to accept the terms and conditions before finally installing the application in the system. Accept the terms and conditions clicking on the ‘Accept’ button.

This is how you can download Google Play Store on your PC using BlueStacks application.

Download Google Play Store in PC using Android

The process of downloading Google Play Store using Android is also the same as BlueStacks. Here, the only difference is you have to type Android emulator in your browser instead of BlueStacks emulator.

  • Open your computer browser and type Android Emulator in it.
  • From the list, open the right URL and download the Android emulator. Click on the download button and then, click on the install button to download and install the application in your PC.
  • Now, when the application is installed in your PC, open the home page and look for the option Google Play Store. If you are unable to navigate this option, use this search tool to locate it.
  • Once you are able to locate it, tap on the option to download Play Store in your PC.

Congratulation! Now the Google Play Store is installed in your PC and ready to use.

Install Google Play Store using NOX App Player

Just like the BlueStacks and Android, you have to download NOX APP player on your PC using your PC Browser.

Enter NOX App player in your browser and search for the result.  Find out the right option, and then click on the download button to install the app and then begin the installation process.

Open the home page of this application and search for the option Google Play Store here. If you cannot find the Google Play Store option on the home page, try the search tool to find out the same.

Once you have located the option, tab on it to install the application in your PC. Now, the Google Play Store is downloaded on your computer.

While downloading the Play Store using any of the methods, you will be asked to enter your Google account ID to access the account. So, when you have a Google account ID with you, enter the details to get the access, and if you do not have the ID here is the way to create the Google account ID.

How to create Google Account ID?

  • Open the Google Chrome browser and check the top left side of the home page.
  • There you will find the Gmail option. Click on the Gmail icon to begin the sign up process.
  • A page will open with the option sign up, sign in/log in.
  • Click on the sign up option. Once you will click on it, a new page will open, asking you to fill some details.
  • These details are to create the account. So, start entering the detail one after one.
  • On the same page, you will get the option to create the email ID for your account. Enter a unique ID and its password.
  • Once the process will complete, click on the submit button. Google will not accept your form, until it is filled correctly.

The email ID you created is the Google account ID and you have to use the same ID whenever you are asked to enter your Google account ID.

You can create the Google account ID using the different Browser as well. In this situation, you have to enter Google in your browser and open the Google page. Check the top left side of the page to navigate the Gmail icon and then follow the aforementioned steps.

How to Open Play Store When There is an issue?

The Google Play Store is the default application in almost all the Android phones that are being sold in the market these days. This means, users do not have to install Google Play Store on their mobile separately to use it. However, because of many circumstances the Play Store stop responding the way it does normally. There are several reasons for the same, let’s have a look on some of them

  • Google Play Store stops responding because of some corruption in device or Malware attack.
  • It needs updating.
  • It has been accidentally deleted.
  • Incomplete download of update.

In any of the above mentioned cases, you won’t be able to open the Google Play Store in your phone. Here we are suggesting you some methods how you can quickly fix the issues and get the access to your Google Play Store instantly.

Delete the application at first

The first step to open Google Play Store in your phone is deleting the present application present in your smart phone.

  • To delete it, first open the menu plate of your smart phone and then navigate the Google Play Store icon.
  • Press and hold the icon for a few seconds and the option ‘Delete’ will appear at the top of the screen. You can check icon of bin at the top line of your phone screen.
  • Drag the icon to the bin to delete it permanently. You will get a popup message to confirm your action. Tap on yes option to confirm deleting the present Google Play Store application.
  • Wait for a few seconds to get it deleted absolutely.

The reason why we asked you to delete your current Google Play Store application is because, if you will have the application on your phone already, you won’t be able to download the new Play Store. Additionally, the presence of Play Store in your phone may create confusion as well.

After deleting the Play Store, the next step is downloading the Google Play Store in phone.

  • To download Google Play Store in the phone, you need to first make some changes in your phone settings. Here, you have to enable the option” install application from unknown source”. This option you can locate either in the security or privacy option present in the phone setting page.
  • Once you have enabled this option, it is the time to download the fresh Google Play Store application. To download this application, download the Play Store APK file of the latest version, it should be the version that your phone is supported too.
  • First check the configuration of your phone navigating the option ‘Phone Details’ present in your phone setting page. This will give you the information about Android version you are using. With this information you can check which Google Play Store version would be compatible with your device. Use your phone browser or computer browser to find out this information.
  • Now then you have the complete idea what is the thing you want to download, proceed to the next step. Open your phone browser, you can choose any of the browser present in your coat according to your convenience, and type Play Store APK there.
  • After typing the Play Store APK, click on the enter button to check options. You will get multiple options to download the Play Store APK file. It is important here to know exactly which version will be compatible with your phone.
  • Cross check the details of the above mentioned steps, in which you checked the Play Store version that your phone is compatible with. Now click on the download button present in front of the APK file.
  • Once the download process is complete, install the application on your phone at the desired location.
  • Now open the APK file you have installed in your phone by tapping on it.

Congratulation! Now the fresh version of Google Play Store is installed on your smart phone and now you can open Play Store without any trouble.

This is the simplest way to open the Play Store in your phone when it is not responding. However, if you do not want to install the new application, instead, want to fix the issue, then we are offering the help for the same as well.

If your Google Play Store is not opening in your device, then, there would be three possibilities for the same. Check all the possibilities to filter out the exact problem.

  • Check the Wi-Fi connection with which your device is connected. You need to check if the Wi-Fi connection you are using has good internet connectivity.
  • Check if your phone is properly connected to the internet and it still isn’t responding.
  • Turn off your Wi-Fi connection or data connection and restart it to check if the application if the application is still responding or not.

Clear the data and cache memory of your phone

The deleting of data and cache memory will give a fresh start to your Google Play Store application and will let you open the Play Store hassle free. To delete the memory follow the following steps

  • Go to the setting application of your phone navigating the option Google Play Store. Tap on the icon to see the other active options.
  • Click on ‘storage’ and then on ‘clear cache memory’ option. You will get another active option ‘clear data’. Click on the same to clear all previous data.
  • Now open the Play Store and try to download from it again.

If the problem still persists, then try the third troubleshoot step

  • Restart your phone by pressing the power button for a few seconds. Turn on the phone and again tap on the Play Store icon to start operation.

In case the Google Play Store assistant is not responding, then it is the time to follow the first step we have mentioned above, that is delete the Play Store app permanently, and install the new application. This will give you access to all the features of Google Play Store latest version.

So, this is how you can open the Play Store in your phone when Play Store is not responding. Here, are some of the important instructions that you should follow while troubleshooting the Play Store related issue.

  • When you are downloading the Google Play Store APK file, always download it from a trusted source. Make sure that APK file that you are downloading is genuine and does not have any malware; otherwise it will hamper your phone operation and will also breach your privacy.
  • While downloading the fresh Play Store application, do not interrupt the download process by doing different activities on the phone. Let the process complete without any interruption.
  • When you are downloading the application make sure that you have a good connection of internet at the place, so that the process remains uninterrupted.

How to open the Play Store account?

If you have downloaded the fresh version of Google Play Store in your phone and still unable to access, then probably you would not have the Google Play Store account.

In this situation you need to create the account for Play Store, otherwise you won’t get access to the store. Steps to create the account on Play Store are:

  • Open the main menu of your phone and locate the icon ‘Google Play Store’.  Tab on the icon to open it. If you do not have the Google Play account, then when you will tap on the icon, you will get a popup message asking you to create accounts on the same.
  • The account is your Gmail email id and password, so if you already have your Gmail account sync with your phone, then click on the ‘existing’ option to let the application use the same details to create your account on Play Store. If not, then click on ‘new’ option to create refresh account.
  • Here a blank will appear where you need to enter your email id followed by the password. Follow the steps to create the fresh account suggested by your device.

Now, when your Google Play Store account is open, you will get access to all the features of Play Store and will be able to use it.

Play Store For Lumigon

Smart phones have made the world shorter and people closer. Gone those hassle days, when you had to open your laptop or desktop for emailing or checking any test messages. Accessing internet through phones was almost a dream. Now time has changed and it is not much hard to understand that, desktop or laptops are getting rest through these smart phones. At the present time, smart phones became the part of life and these are readily involved to make lives simpler. There are various applications by which someone can get easy assistance for his day to day life. High demand of communication devices has made a stiff competition among these manufacturers and all are in an attempt to provide maximum features to woo them. Among various manufacturers, Lumigon is one of them.

About Lumigon

Lumigon is one of the smart phone manufacturer headquartered in Copenhagen. In the year 2009, it has been initiated to manufacture smart phones with latest feature. From that period, it has launched almost four smart phones those are best with their feature. According to the company profile, it has a strong consumer base in Europe and Asia. While its software part is being developed by its own developers, its hardware part import from China.

In the year 2010, Lumigon has announced its first smart phone T1 and according to its marketing officer, the “T” stands for “touch”. It has a huge consumer base because, not only it meets all the requirements of consumers, but also elevating their experience to a new sphere which is hard to find from other phones. All most all Lumigion phones are running through the Android operating system. As we all know that, the Android OS is the most popular operating system in the world, while you are using, these phones, there will be no any different or difficult experience you have to face.

After T1, in the year 2012, it has launched T2, which is smarter and easier to use than its previous model. It also gets huge appreciation from the users. Eyeing on the latest technique, in the year 2016, it has launched T3. Which is known as the latest and of the kind of smart phones and it is enjoying now a best market view among the users. These phones are made with perfect design and the right combination of colors by which you can get a royal look from them. In this way there will be an attribution to your personality.

About Lumigon T3

Lumigon T3 is the latest its latest smart phone from that company and it was launched June 2016. This is one of the most popular phones that have a huge consumer base in Europe and Asia. It comes with 4.80 inch display and its resolution is 720*1280 pixels. Its body comes with a nice design layout that elevates its worth. Black with golden line will really make you overwhelming.

It is powered by 2.2GHz octa-core MediaTek Helio X10 processor and its RAM is 3GB and can be store data up to 128GB without using external storage. So people, those are passionate movie watcher, they can load wide numbers of movies and can watch randomly without any hassle.

As far as cameras are concerned, Lumigon T3 comes with 13MP rear and 5MP frontal camera which are known as best in its industry value. Selfie enthusiasts get satisfied with this camera formation. It runs with Android 6.0 version and it is able to provide the latest experience in using applications or playing latest games. This is one the more popular features that attract thousands of consumers. Accumulating all the features, someone can get a complete pack of latest communication experience with Lumigon T3.

How to download Google Play Store in Lumigon phone?

All most all the smart phone users in the world know about Google Play Store and how it is profitable to each user. This is one of the most anticipated apps that allow users to download different types of Apps, games, eBooks, audio and video files. The most important thing is that, the application or the materials, people will get from Google Play Store, they all are authenticated and they will pose no harm to the device you are going to be installed.  The interesting thing is that, Android phones come with Google Play Store preinstalled. As Lumigon phones are running through Android OS, so you can get it by default. On the off chance if the phone has missed Google Play Store, then you can download it from other sources.

The best way to download it in different device and then you can install it on your device. Before going to download it in different device, first change setting in your device to allow files from unknown sources. To do that, go to phone setting> privacy setting> check the box where it is written that, allow files from unknown devices. After checking, it will show a warning message just ignore that. Now your phone is ready to accept files from unknown devices.

  • Now go to your PC’s browser and write “Download Google Play Store”.
  • It will show you a bunch of links, only choose the trusted links.
  • Click on the download link, within some seconds, an APK file will be downloaded. Remember the storage location.
  • Now time to establish the connection between your phone and PC. It can be established via Bluetooth or USB cable.
  • After connecting, now transfer that APK file to your phone.
  • Tap on that APK file, it will be installed within few seconds.

Now you have the Google Play Store, you can use that as per your wish.

Play Store For Morefine

With this highly technical age, there are a lot of innovations to experience and basically, people get firsthand experience from communication devices. These types of high-end devices are not only making the communication faster, but they have narrowed down the world to a small place. In this way someone can interact and share thoughts each other no matter where you are both are located.

In this scenario, such faster communication has changed way of developing such devices. Now, communication devices are far from conventional and they are busy in competition with their competitors. Their R&D division always busy to overcome from their rivals. In this way there is a cut-throat competition among all these manufacturers.  Morefine is one of them and always competes for maintaining a better position in the PC world. This is the popular manufacturer of Mini PCs.

About Morefine

Morefine is one the best brand among world, mainly in the Mini PC industry. Established in China, it has business centers around the world. Someone can easily purchase its product through online no matter where you are located. So this is the reason for which people now using this Mini PC for various reasons. Apart from Mini PCs, Morefine is a popular name in Android watch manufacturer and it has different products like mobile accessories and health related smart devices. All these devices are able to provide you sky touching experience which is not possible from other devices.

About Morefine M1 mini PCs

At the present time, people want to use computing with smart ways. Gone those days, when there was a monitor, CPU, UPS was being used separately and it was taking a huge place along with a more maintenance charge.

At the present, mini PCs has taken their place and they come with all the functional and advantages like the desktops. Morefine is one of the best brands those are providing Mini PC to customers. From different models, M1 mini PC is the most popular among others.

It comes with pre-installed Windows 10 and it is meant to provide latest experience of computing. In this world, now there are billions of users can be found in Windows and maximum PCs are run through them. So, Morefine has tried to provide an advance technique to its users through these smart devices. Plus, the built-in Cortana in the Windows 10 can easily became your assistance along and partner all the way. It will be surely an amazing experience, that when your friends are watching matches on TV you can play with your Xbox and display on another screen.

Apart from that, it is configured with Intel Atom X5 Z8350 which speed is 1,400.00 MHz. These PCs are a way ahead in terms of functioning. These 4cores and provide a finest way of computing. Plus, it has 4GB RAM with 64GB flash accumulating all these configurations, these PCs became more power than conventional desktops. These are the reason for which people now getting more interested to have these PCs rather than huge desktops.

Google Play Store in Morefine M1 PCPlay Store

All most all users want to see their game or videos wider screen because, it is really a thrilling experience to watch them on a wider screen. Google Play Store is one of the most popular application platforms that provide users to download a wide number of games or applications and the most important thing is that, all the games or apps you are going to download, they all are authenticated by Google. So there will be no harm in the future to your PC or phones.

The second thing is that, where there is an Android Operating System, Google Play Store fond preinstalled there and users can use that without any extra installation. While you will talk about Window PC, there will be a way to follow in order to install Google Play Store on your device.

In order to download Google Play Store on your PC, you have to download APK file first. Before that, make sure that, your PC has an internet connection. Another thing is that, Windows PCs can’t detect APK file directly. To detect them you have first download another Android emulator.

This emulator will work same as an Android mobile phone and through this application; you can easily download APK and install Google Play Store. After downloading and installing emulator, now time to download Google Play Store APK file.

Wait till the download process is ended. After finishing, there will be a small pop-up will be displayed, if that emulator is BlueStacks.

  • First open the application BlueStacks and click on precede next.
  • The next step will ask you to enter Google account. To use it, you have to sign in with your own Google account.
  • After signing in, you can now see the apps at this emulator. To see that, go to My Apps>System Apps> Google Play Store.

Now you have the Google Play Store, you can now browse it for apps, eBooks, and games, audio or video files. This is the authenticated application platform that has almost more than 2 million apps, games and eBooks. This is the reason, no matter whether you are using Windows OS or Android OS, people eagerly love to install that in their system. While it has given authentication for PCs, its popularity gets sky rocketing. All most all users, no matter whether they are PC users or mobile phone users, the get satisfaction from Google Play Store. So download it and feel the excitement.

Play Store For Siswoo

The smart phone has become one the smart medium to staying connected with different people in the world. No corner of the world has been left, which is untouchable from communication technique. Such type of demand makes a neck to neck competition between various phone manufacturers and they always try to woo customers by providing better features in their phone that they has desired much before. Among numerous mobile companies, Siswoo is one of them.

About Siswoo 

Siswoo is one of such mobile phone makers that provides high-end mobile phones with charming features those are enough to satisfy the customers. Establishing in Europe in the year 2014 and having almost ten years of experience in the communication industry, this is one of the autonomous brand in the world that manufactures most of its hardware and software part by owner.

Maximum mobile phone users never turn down any chance to own a Siswoo phone because they found everything that they were searching for different phones. These are high-end products and all phones are designed simple, fashionable way those are enough to uplift your spirit to a new sphere. With the virtue of a rigorous quality management system, now it is occupying a better place in the world of communication.

These smart are available in different series like I series, R series, C series and A series. All most all are popular and consumers have thumbs up for all these products this is the reason, these are sold in millions of numbers in the market at the current time. Among them Siswoo c50 is one of the most popular smart phone those have already made customers satisfied.

About Siswoo C50

Siswoo is faster than any conventional smart phones. Its charming design will mesmerize you and its metallic body will provide utmost durability that elevates freedom for the users. Its hardware features are really very impressive. It comes with 64-bit quad-core and it has really 1.5GHz potent chipset that proves its benchmark. Additionally, it also has powerful GPU.

Siswoo C50 comes with 5 inch display at the pixel of 720*1280 pixels which is known as decent by its entire means. Selfie enthusiasts are always fond of this phone because it comes with 8 MP rear and 5MP frontal camera. Also that rear camera comes with an Omni vision technique that always taking snaps with proper quality.

People, those were complaining about lack of battery backup they will be satisfied with Siswoo C50 because this phone has a 3000mAh battery that makes it more functional without any hassle. While you are on a trip, there will no need to carry any extra power bank to support your phone. It runs by Android 5.0 version which is known as out of the box from its kind. Such type of features is available in a pocket friendly price which is almost impossible to find at the present time. People those are talking about memory, they should notice that, has 1GB RAM along with 8GB internal memory that makes your phone more enjoyable while saving any preferred audio or video files without any external SD cards. If you want more space, it can be easily expandable.

These phones are coming with the Android operating system and this OS provides various Google certified products preinstalled like Gmail, YouTube, PlayMusic, Map etc. These are iconic and very useful for smart phone users. In case, some of them are missing in your phone, you can download it from external sources.

How to download Google Play Store for Siswoo phone?

You can download and install Google Play Store downloading from your own phone, but it will be better to transfer that APK file from any other device and to install on your phone. To do that, first you need to change the current setting in your own phone.

Go to setting> Tap on security> Check the box allow files from unknown device> A warning message will come and ignore it. Now your phone is ready to accept any file from an unknown source.

No go to your PC and on address bar write Google Play Store download.

It will show a bunch of links those are allowing you to download its APK file, but you should choose the trusted links. This is important because, if that product will be downloaded from any other link, it may corrupt and can harm your device latter. This is the reason you need to always choose reliable sources to download.

  • After clicking on the download link, within seconds, an APK file will be downloaded.
  • When download finish, now to connect PC to your device. This connection can be established through Bluetooth or USB cable.
  • Now connect your PC to device and transfer that APK file to it.
  • Here’s one thing to be remembered, once the file transferred, it will be saved in external memory of your phone and to install that, just change the location of your own device.
  • After changing the location, now time to tap on it.
  • After tapping, it will be installed.
  • For better experience you should reboot your phone once.

Once it is successfully installed, it will be seen on the home screen of your phone. Just click on it and it will ask for your Google account. Enter Google account and now you are free to download whatever you want. To search any, you go through categories or can directly write your search term at the searching bar.

Play Store For Koobee Download

All most all people in the world are touched with the latest innovation. Most of us noticed about development in the telecom sector. Each day there is something new development occurs by which users get a test of latest technology and its advantages. No one can even isolate from having such advantages. Smart phones have become a new medium to experience the thrilling experience of new developments in this sector. There are millions of R&D center has been established by such smart phone makes those are always busy to provide something new to the consumers. Koobee is one of such smart phone makers which are popular for its consumer friendly approaches.

About Koobee

Koobee is one of the popular mobile phone manufacturers in the world. It is established in China and famous for its Android smart phones. Most of the phones by Koobee are studded with latest technology and this is the reason, users love these phones as they found their desire features in these phones. Having numerous appreciations from the users, it is now enjoying a huge consumer base not only in China but also out of its borders. Its most fascinating phone is Pepsi P1 S which is manufactured to order by PepsiCo. This is the phone that makes Koobee popular around the world. Apart from that, Koobee has manufactured a number of smart phones those are now top of popularity.

Specifications of Koobee A2 smart phone

Koobee A2 is the one of the most adorable, smart phone that comes within a budget with mind-blowing specifications those are enough to make you cheering all the time. It runs by 1.3GHz Quad-Core processor and its display is a 5.0 inch HD with 1280*720 pixel resolution. These phones are studded with Proximity sensor and come with 2000 mAh Lithium ion battery. If you want to type of reading multi languages, it is the best phone to purchase because; it supports various international languages along with dissimilar local language.

Apart from them, it has 6.0 Android Operating System along with 4.0 Bluetooth specifications. Its memory is 16 GB ROM and 2GB RAM and can be extended further with the help of MicroSD card.  People, those want to experience 4G network, they can easily get it from this phone. People, those want to make their each movement memorable, they never drop the chance to own this phone as it has powerful rear and frontal camera with zooming facilities. In order to stay safe from accidental slipping from your hand, it comes with an ergonomic design along with metal frame which is durable and not prone to scarring.

The Android 6.0 operating system will provide you fabulous experience of operating and they never degrade your experience no matter whiles you cuddle with your favorite game or application. 2 GB RAM also provides an awesome experience of operating mobile. It never lets you feel frustrated or lag you while moving from one application to another.

Android phones generally come with Gmail, Google Play Store, Maps, YouTube, and the Audio Player in pre-installation mode. As you have Android phone, it should be preloaded with these apps, but on the off chance if something is missing from them you can easily download that from another source. Most of the users love Google Play Store to install on their phones. This is because; it provides unmatchable collections of application, numerous EBook collections along with audio and video files. This is the reason for which all most all smart phone users like to Google Play Store installed on their phones. The most fascinating thing is that, all the application when you’ll download from Google Play Store, they all are safe and never pose any threat to your device. In this way, you can use them without any fuss.

How to download Google Play Store in Koobee phones?

There are a number of ways available to download Google Play Store but the best way is to download it through different devices. If you want to download it from your desktop, it will be easy for you to transfer to your own device and latter you can install it according to your requirement. While downloading, APK file will download and after transferring it to your device, you can easily install that. To start the process, you have to follow these.

First change your setting in your phone to accept files from unknown devices. To do that, go to Setting>Privacy setting> Check the box that is shown here to allow files from unknown devices. After checking, a warning message will come. Just ignore that.

If you want to transfer the file from the desktop to your device, you need to establish a connection which can be done through USB cable or Bluetooth. If you want to do that through USB cable, you should follow these steps to establish the connection.

Go to setting>Wireless and networks> USB mass storage> Connect storage to PC

After establishing the connection follows these simple steps to download Google Play Store APK file.

  • Go to PC browser and write Google Play Store download.
  • It will show a number of sources. Choose the trusted source.
  • After that, click on download.
  • Within seconds, you can find an APK file will be downloaded and stored at your system.
  • Now transfer it to your own device.

After transferring tap on it, it will be installed successfully. Here one thing is to keep in mind, if the APK file stored at external memory first transfer it to your device memory and then it will be installed easily.

Play Store For Quantum

High technique era gets boosted with new innovation of telecommunication devices. Needless to mention, almost eighty percent of world population is influenced with highly developed with internet and smart phones have become a new medium of connectivity. In fast growing world, people, there are various ways by which someone will easily stay connected with another one. Using different types of applications, now someone can easily simplify his daily life and do better than before. In this context, there are a number of applications available those will meet all your requirements.

About Quantum Phones

Quantum is famous for its data storage and its processing services. Headquartered in San Jose, California, it has been providing innovative data storage devices. This is known as the second largest disk storage manufacturer and now it’s enjoying a second place in market share.

In the early days, it had mainly focused on smaller ST-506 compatible versions of hard drives and after that it has introduced a hard card which is known as the smaller version of Q500 and designed to ISA slot. Then it has entered to make Q280 80MB storage devices those were known as maximum in those periods. Accumulating all these things Quantum, became an experienced player in the telecommunication industry. This is the reason, when it entered to manufacture smart phones; there was not much obstacle or a struggle for its market domination.

After some year when there is a down time of hard drives market, Quantum had decided to sell its hard drive division and Maxtor at that time was the highest bidder. So it is systematically transferred all the techniques to Maxtor. On the next time it has carried forward all its brand and product to the same market ratio. Later it has innovated various advanced data storage devices those were ruling over the market for a longer period of time.

It has a number of smart phones those are getting a lot of appreciation from the customer. Quantum Titano 007i is one of them.

About Quantum Titano 007i

Quantum Titano 007i is one of the best looking budget smart phones available in the market and maximum positives float for this smart phone that shows its popularity among people. With this highly competitive era, it has secured its place among customers around the world.

This is a dual SIM handset which is packed with cutting edge technology and provides a soothing experience to the user. It runs with 1.3HGz, Octa-Core processor and it provides seamless, perfect experience of multitasking experience which is the first demand of modern day users.

It runs with Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system and comes with better device protection settings. Apart from that, it is 32GB internal memory and can be enhanced using a MicroSD card. These types of facilities are made the using of these phones is easier mainly while someone will switch himself from one app to another. People those are enthusiast for taking snaps, they found these phones are number-Uno. Along with all these facilities, it has 8MP front and 13MP rear camera that provides stunning pictures of whatever you need. Its display is 5.5 inches and comes with 1920*1080 resolution. This is the reason it renders high quality picture and video which is hard to find from any other phones in this same range.

People always show their satisfaction while using this phone. It has a 3000 mAh battery and its 3GB RAM never lag your while switching from one application to another. Plus, while are playing games for a longer period of time, its RAM won’t let you provide any bitter experience. Accumulating all these things, this is one of the nicest smart phones available in the market now.

How to download Google Play Store in Quantum Titano 007i?

All most all smart phone users know the advantages of Google Play Store. This is one of the most used apps in the globe that provides two million applications, plus games, eBooks, audio and video files. Apart from that, as this is Google’s certified product, all most all Android phones come with Google Play Store with preloading condition. On the off chance, if the Google Play Store is missing from your phone, you can download it from another source.

If you want to download it on your desktop, you can do that following easy steps.

First, go to your phone setting and follow these steps.

Go to settings> Security/ Privacy setting> Check on the box that has written allow files from unknown sources. After clicking, it will show a warning message just ignore it. Now your phone is ready to accept files from other sources.

  • Now go to your desktop browser.
  • In its address bar, write Google Play Store download.
  • It will show a bunch of sources and choosing the trusted one.
  • After choosing, now download it. An APK file will be downloaded.
  • Now is time to transfer that APK file to your own device. To do that, connect desktop with your own device through USB cable or Bluetooth.
  • Once a connection established, now time to transfer the file. Remember the storage location and now transfer.
  • After completion of file transfer now time to disconnect the USB or Bluetooth connection.
  • Locate the file you have stored and install it.
  • Within few seconds Google Play Store will be installed.
  • After installation now you should reboot your phone for better function.
  • After reboot, you can see the Google Play Store logo on your home screen.

In this way you can easily install Google Play Store on your device if in case it is missing from your phone. Now you can use it.

Play Store For WileyFox

Today the market of smart phones has become competitive and there are several new brands that are bringing in new smart phones at unbelievable prices. One such company is WileyFox that is a British brand. The company has started new, in 2015 and its aim is to bring affordable smart phones to the market that does not compromise on quality or features. The company has a lean method of working that ensures that WileyFox devices come at prices that do not ask a premium and makes the latest smart phone technology affordable for all.

The company follows certain unique manufacturing processes such as the commoditization of hardware and bases its smart phones on Android derivatives as the mobile OS. Hence, the products that the company sells offer the best of quality in terms of hardware and software but come at affordable prices.

Popular products of WileyFox

The company has had several products manufactured and launched since it started operating in 2015. The first generation phones of WileyFox, namely Swift and Storm have now moved onto next generation models such as Swift 2, Swift 2 X, Swift 2 Plus and others like the Spark range of smart phones. The first generation products were launched with dual SIM capability and both offered standard and modest features. For instance, Storm had looks that create a good impression at first glance. The build is impressive and sturdy; the main camera is about 20 megapixel and the processing and battery power is moderate.

If we look at the Swift smart phone of the latest generation, it comes at an affordable price with a quad core Snapdragon processor and standard RAM capabilities. The phone has a five inch display of high definition and the camera is 13 MP with dual LED flash as well as a 5 MP front camera.

Android features of WileyFox phones

Most WileyFox phones run on Android OS and users have little to complain about. The standard Android apps come pre loaded as factory settings. However, the settings and configurations are different in these British phones that need changes when they are launched in other markets.

Google Play Store on WileyFox phones

As these are Android phones, you will find the Google Play Store preloaded on most models. This is considered the main marketplace for downloading apps from and is the reliable platform that showcases all kinds of Android apps. If you do not have the Google Play Store on your WileyFox phone, you can choose to download the app on your phone.

This can be done with the following steps:

  • Google Play Store can be found as a free APK file on any reliable forum.
  • You can log onto your mobile web browser to find this file and download the same.
  • Alternatively, you can also choose to download this Android APK file through your computer or laptop.
  • Once you have the free Android APK file on your device, you can install the same.

How to use Google Play Store on your WileyFox phone

When you have the Google Play Store newly installed on your WileyFox phone, you will want to use it in the following ways:

  • Google Play Store needs a Google account login to function.
  • When you open it for the first time, you need to use your login credentials of a Google account.
  • Once the account details are verified, one is given access to Google Play Store main interface.
  • Here there are the popular apps on display that can be easily clicked upon and downloaded.
  • The different categories of apps can be found on the left hand side drop down list.
  • Here one would find the different app categories that showcase the different apps available for download.
  • The apps available are either free or need to be paid for.
  • There is a search option where one can key in the name of an app that one wishes to download.
  • The apps that you click upon will showcase details of the apps, ratings and customer testimonials.
  • You can safely download the apps through the Google Play Store as these are checked and verified before they are made available for download.

With the above steps you will be able to find any app of your choice on Google Play Store and download the same. Google Play Store makes it easy to find any app that one requires. The apps are also updated through this platform. Hence, when there is an update available for any app, you will be notified through Google Play Store.

This platform helps you find apps to make the most of your WileyFox phones. From using the camera to sensors, music player for videos, there are so many ways to enjoy your smart phone. You can easily search out the app of your choice through this platform. Latest apps and the ones you prefer would also be showcased through this platform.

With the above points it becomes evident that the only way to get to use your WileyFox Android phone is to have a working Google Play Store on it. That will allow you to find any app that you need and easily download the same. The apps showcased on this platform would be as per the Android OS operating on your phone. Hence, you need not worry whether the apps you download would be compatible or not on your device. Again, if you opt for paid apps on your device, it becomes a safe transaction when it is done through the Google Play Store.

Play Store For Uhans

Here we talk about Uhans which is a Chinese technology company that was established in 2013. Among the new startup ventures in the world of consumer technology, this company has been able to create a niche for themselves with the array of electronic products that offer standard technology features and quality at modest prices. It is little wonder that this Chinese firm has gained a footing in the competitive world of smart phones and similar gadgets. The company has strengths like sound technology processes for creating hardware that is durable and most of its smart phones and tablets are based on the Android OS.

Popular products of Uhans

Uhans, a name that signifies universe in your hands, is an ideal brand name whose main mission is to get the latest technology in the hands of everyone due to the affordability of their products. Hence, it is little wonder that the products of Uhans have already gained popularity in the short time that they have been launched.

Uhans i8 4G is one of the latest products of the brand. This is called a phablet as it is a tablet with calling functions. The gadget is sized well, similar to a large screen equipped smart phone. This phablet comes with dual rear cameras which is a unique feature of this product. Being priced at a modest rate, this product is sure to be picked up in large numbers.

There is also another popular product of the brand, Uhans MX 3G, which is a smart phone with the latest features. Being priced below $97, this is a product that offers an irresistible deal to anyone who wishes to get their hands on a latest smart phone model at a cheap price.

Uhans MAX 2 4G is another phablet that the company offers which makes the choice numerous for the customers. Another similar model to consider in this same product category is Uhans Note 4 4G phablet. All the phablets and smart phones of the company promise high definition capacitive touch screen. They are based on different versions of Android OS. With adequate RAM and processing power of the Quad core Cortex processor, the devices promise smooth performance, even if one is using several applications at the same time on their phone or phablet.

Android apps on Uhans devices

If you have just procured an Uhans phablet or smart phone, chances are that you will find the Google Play Store already pre-installed on it. This app acts as the gateway of all Android apps and their easy sourcing. Whether you wish to download a shopping app, an app that helps you monitor your fitness levels, a gaming app or any other, chances are that you will easily find it in Google Play Store.

How to download Google Play Store for your Uhans device?

Google Play Store is an Android app that is either pre installed on a device or can be easily downloaded for free. The steps to follow are as follows:

  • Simply log onto the web browser on your phablet or smart phone.
  • Here you can use Google as your search engine to find a reliable download source for Google Play Store.
  • Once the app is located, ensure that the app would be compatible with the Android OS version that is running on your device.
  • To ensure download happens smoothly, check the security settings on your device.
  • Ensure that download from unknown sources is enabled to allow the download to happen smoothly.
  • Once the download is complete, you can easily install the app which is a lightweight application.

How to use Google Play Store on your Uhans device?

Once you have downloaded Google Play Store on your Uhans device, you would want to run the store to find the apps on it:

  • When you the open Google Play Store for the first time, it would seek login credentials.
  • You need to use any existing Google account login details to log into the Google Play Store.
  • This will link your Google account to this store.
  • Once your login credentials are confirmed, you can then proceed to check out the different applications available in different categories on this platform.
  • You can also use the search option to seek out any specific app you are looking for.
  • The drop down list on the top left hand corner will showcase the different app categories.
  • When you click on an app, you would be taken to the app description page. Here you can read up about the app details, check out screen shots and reviews of customer testimonials.
  • Google Play also has their ratings for every app as well as provided a list of similar apps that one can check out.
  • For those who wish to download paid apps, they can save their payment details securely in their account page. This will help them to shop for paid apps easily.

With these aspects Google Play Store becomes an inevitable app for your Uhans device. Whether you own a phablet or a smart phone, this app platform will showcase the apps that would be compatible with your device. When you download an app through this platform you need not worry about compatibility with your device. Every app that is showcased on your device’s Google Play Store would be compatible for working on your phablet or smart phone. Every app is also reviewed and checked by Google Play Store. Hence, one need not worry about malware or non authenticated apps harming their device.