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Any smart phone that one has needs to have apps on it to make it functional as well as to ensure entertainment on the go. We need chat services to connect with our friends and loved ones; we want to stay in touch with our email accounts to check the email correspondence from the office and other places and so forth. Idle hours can be spent playing on different mobile games as well as booking our favorite movies on apps or even a travel booking for an upcoming holiday.

Play StoreThere are different kinds of mobile operating systems that are available. The Android operating system wins hands down when it comes to popularity among smart phones and tablets. Many manufacturers offer Android on their devices which make it the most common operating system for mobile devices. Other popular mobile operating systems are that of the Symbian operating system that runs on Nokia devices while Apple devices work on iOS.

Google Play is the store where one can find different kinds of Android based apps. Android is an open source operating system from Google and this marketplace was created to allow developers to market different Android apps through this framework where the apps can be evaluated and reviewed before they are put up for download or for sale. There are certain features that Google Play offers:

  • It is a virtual marketplace for different kinds of Android apps.
  • This online marketplace, it itself an APK or Android app that comes pre installed in many devices or needs to be downloaded from online sources.
  • There are apps of different categories that one can download from this app and these are verified, reviewed and details are provided about each app.
  • The lightweight app on Google Play Store is available on the web and it is a free app available for download on Android devices. In case the app needs to be downloaded on any other device, there needs to be an emulator program installed that supports Android APK files on it.
  • The apps that are available in this store are free or need to be paid for. One can update them on this platform as well as manage them how they want. All one needs to do is have a valid Google account to link to Google Play Store in order to access the apps on it.

Nokia smart phones need little introduction as this is one brand that was one of the pioneers at the time when cellular technology was new. By the time smart phones came around, Nokia had evolved in different ways to provide several unique advantages for the users. The Symbian operating system is unique and different from other mobile operating systems out there; it had formed a merger a few years back with Microsoft to bring forth smart phones that were powered by the Windows mobile operating system. Today, even Android based Nokia phones have been launched in the market.

Main features of Nokia phones are:

  • No matter what the operating system of these phones, the hardware of Nokia phones is sturdy and resilient against damages.
  • Many come with Gorilla Glass screens that are resistant to scratches.
  • Picture quality and resolution are of high definition and crystal clear.
  • Most Nokia phones are powered with a Snapdragon core processor which ensures impressive speed even when you are multitasking.

For the above reasons Nokia phones remain a preferred choice for many users in the market. If you wish to get a Google Play Store with a Nokia phone that runs on Symbian operating system or Windows, you need to get an emulator program to create an Android OS environment.

Play StoreThe following steps will help you find an emulator program on your Nokia phone:

  • Check the application manager program on your Nokia phone to ascertain whether there is an Android simulator app.
  • In case the app is not found, you can log onto your mobile web browser.
  • Look for an Android simulator app that would be compatible with your Nokia phone.
  • Check for device and OS compatibility at the time of downloading the emulator program.
  • Once the download is completed, you can install the application. Once it is running successfully on your phone, you can use it to download Google Play Store on it.

The Google Play Store will show up as an Android APK file on the emulator program. Many emulator programs have easy search results showcased which would allow you to download and run the Google Play app easily on this platform. Once it is set up, you need to create an account on this store. If you have an existing Google account, link it to Google Play. You will then gain access to varieties of the apps on this platform. Download any app of your choice as per the instructions that you find on Google Play. The apps you download through Google Play will work as they do in other Android devices, but only on the emulator program. You can have access to popular apps like WhatsApp, email apps like Gmail or Outlook, food order or home delivery apps for your region, games and other entertainment apps as you desire. Google Play has almost all popular apps you might wish to access and it will provide you access to all the apps you want and get easy download options for the same.

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