Get Gift Card In Google Play Store

Google Play features about 2.7 million applications for the Android platform as of 2017. There are around 150 countries where Google Play operates and offers purchase of apps that are globally found as well as local or regional applications. Indeed, today every service or website offers an app that would work on an Android device. Hence, from a shopping app to a bank app as well as games, books, music and much more can be found on Google Play.

This platform was founded in 2012 when Google integrated its different Android marketplaces and applications through which it allowed developers to market different apps. With a consolidated platform Google was able to offer users a wider network of apps as well as developers could market their apps that are reviewed and recommended by Google as per their quality and dependability.

Play StoreGoogle Play has several features it offers:

  • Any Android device becomes multi functional and useful with different Android apps downloaded from this store.
  • Most Android devices have Google Play pre installed or allow the APK file to be installed on it for free.
  • With Google Play one does not need to worry about finding an app or how to manage it; this application optimizes with the device on which it is running and showcases apps that would be compatible with the Android OS of the device. The apps are usually verified for malware and one is assured of the reliability of the apps at the time of downloading the same.

Google Play comes as an integrated platform for the different categories of apps like games, music, books and more and one can also download separate apps like Google Play Music, Google Play Games, Google Play Books and others. The dedicated apps showcase apps that are of that particular genre only. Hence, when you have Play Games separately on your device you can find games of different genres on this platform; you can enjoy multiplayer games that have real time game sessions and allow you to share scores with others, upload your games or score on cloud accounts and other features.

Google Play Music showcases the world of music that comes with Google Play. Not only music files but also podcast streaming is available on this platform. One can browse through 40 million songs, enjoy the cloud storage facility as well as opt for subscription services. The same goes for Google Play Books which acts as an eBook digital distribution platform. From here one can download eBooks in EPUB or PDF file formats. There are eBooks available for purchase as well as one could upload their own eBooks through this portal.

Google Play also has separate apps for movies and TV shows called Google Play Movies and TV. The same goes for magazines and news publications.

With the variety of applications available on this platform, there is a unique concept called Gift Cards that Google Play introduced. There are many apps that are available for free downloading from this forum, but also those that come for a price. All apps are enticing on this platform, whether they are for functional or entertainment purposes. Hence, young or old, anyone would be happy to get a gift card that enables them to purchase what they want from Google Play. The gift cards are designed for purchasing any kind of app from this platform. One could even opt for subscription rental of their favorite shows, movies or magazines with gift card redemption coupons.

The gift cards can be bought in different ways from Google Play Store. There are many virtual online stores that sell Google Play gift cards of different denominations. You can also get them at select retail outlets. You can find a list of such outlets by searching online. At the time of opting for a gift card from a virtual or retail outlet check the following:

  • Whether the gift card has any restrictions on the kind of purchase one can do with it.
  • The denomination of the card and whether one can carry forward the balance.
  • The validity date of the gift card and when it would expire.

Once you acquire a gift card there are easy ways of redeeming the same such as:

  • Open up Google Play Store app on your device.
  • Tap on the Menu present on the top left hand side of the app.
  • Here you will get the option to Redeem.
  • Enter the code you have and tap on redeem.

Play StoreIt is even possible to send across a Google Play gift card virtually to a loved one. When you are at an outlet where Google Play gift cards are available, you can select the gift card of your choice; you might be asked to identify the account you use with Google Play. When you wish to make the gift card available for use by another, you would be prompted to enter their email address along with any message that you wish to send. You can then proceed to complete payment for the Google gift card and the link to avail the code would be sent to the recipient’s email address.

Google Play gift cards are a wonderful way to gift anyone who loves to use apps or has an Android device. As Google Play Store is present in most Android devices one is sure to find uses for Google gift cards. All one needs to do is find the code that comes with the gift card and enter the same in the redeem option given on Google Play Store. One simply needs to ensure that the code is valid on the date that one is using it and then one can proceed to choose the apps they wish to purchase among the options that are showcased on Google Play.

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