Play Store For Samsung

Google Play launched in 2012 brought together the Android market that was created by Google as well as separate market places such as Google eBookstore and Google Music. All these were united to form a single brand. This showcased a shift in how Google distributed and managed digital content and applications developed for the Android platform. As Android operating system was launched by Google, there was a need to create a separate marketplace whereby users could opt for apps as and what they wanted. At the same time, developers could have a platform where they could market the apps they developed for the Android platform and allowed Google to review and verify the apps before they were released for download.

Play StoreThe widespread popularity of Google Play is for the following points:

  • With a regulated framework Google Play has been able to steadily build the marketplace that offers its services across 150 countries.
  • There are 2.7 million apps available for download on this platform.
  • There are paid as well as free apps that are available for download.
  • The marketplace not only offers apps for download but also allows updating of apps to happen and links to a Google account of the user.
  • The apps that are made available through this platform are safe and secure and hence, users are ensured that no viruses or malware would be downloaded with apps found in Google Play Store.

Apps are available for download for free or for a charge on this site. Users can use Google Play Store only when they link a valid Google account with the website. This enables Google to identify users and one can have a single Google account linked to different mobile devices where Google Play exists. The account also provides payment options; those who have Google account can opt to save different payment methods on their account in a secure manner; this can be accessed to pay for any app before download.

Samsung offers different kinds of Android based smart phones and tablets. As a result, in many devices of Samsung Google Play Store comes as a pre installed app. Not only will you find Google Play pre installed but the different apps like Google Play, Google Music often is pre installed for users to find the content of these different categories on these applications. On a Samsung device which has Google Play Store already installed, one can find books, music, magazines, movies and much more through this framework.

When you have a Samsung device and Google Play Store installed on it, the app showcases apps that are compatible with that particular device. That helps users to not have to worry about checking compatibility of the apps before downloading. This is ensured by providing apps as per the Android OS of the device on Google Play.

If you have a new Samsung device that does not have Google Play installed on it, the following steps will help you get the app on your device:

  • Log onto the web browser of your device and ensure that you have mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity on.
  • Visit Google and search for Android APK file Google Play.
  • Find a trusted source to download the file which should be compatible with your device and of the latest version.

When you download the file and try to install it, you need to modify the settings on your device to allow downloads from unknown sources. Once this is done and the APK file of Google Play installed, you can enjoy all the facilities of Google Play on your device.

Play StoreThere are several categories of apps that are popular on Google Play. For instance, Play Games is an extensive platform that features games of different genres. These could be free or for a charge. There are games for kids, adults and of varying interests and skill levels. There are games that are real time and multi player mode; one can save their results on cloud services and showcase their achievements vis a vis others for many competitive games. Again, motion sensitive and other fun effects can be found in games that are both engaging and educational for kids of all ages.

After Google Play Games, the music category is also popular. Here one can enjoy the podcast and music streaming service that Google provides. One can access about 400 million songs on the database and use cloud storage service as well. When it comes to Google books there are about five million eBooks that one can find on Google Play which are downloaded in EPUB and PDF formats. The same goes for magazines and publications that are part of Google Play Newsstand. One will also find movies and TV shows on this forum which are either available for purchase or for rental purposes.

Google Play for any Samsung device will continue to give the latest apps and offers to the user as long as one keeps the app updated. The notification of the latest updates and releases are often sent as push messages to the device. It is necessary that the latest updates are installed so that the platform remains secure and one can enjoy the latest features and amenities on offer.

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