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Play Store

This article is about Google Play Store app on BQ devices. This electronics brand offers a series of Android based smart phones and to enjoy the features and amenities, one would need to download apps on them. That is where Google Play Store comes in which enable users to find their favorite apps and different others that can make their BQ smart phones enjoyable and entertaining.

Play Store

About BQ phones

BQ is a Spain based electronics brand that has several product ranges in the electronics segment. The smart phone series known as Aquaris is popular and is based on the Android operating system. You will find several Aquaris series phones such as Aquaris E series or X5 available in the market. Most of these smart phones of this brand are based on the Android Lollipop operating system. For those who invest in the Android based smart phones of this brand, they will find most of the products flaunting Google Play Store as the official app download platform.

Google Play Store for BQ Aquaris

This series of BQ smart phones has some unique features that make them compelling choices to customers. If you are tired of watching videos on smart phone screens that hurt the eye, a phone such as Aquaris E6 can offer you great viewing experience. If you wish to get the most out of your viewing experience, Google Play Store has a lot to offer:

  • There are separate categories for TV shows, movies, videos that one can download from Google Play Store.
  • Games form a large and comprehensive section of Google Play. You will find all kinds of games of different genres here, either for free or for paid download.
  • Popular apps like YouTube can also be downloaded from Google Play Store that helps you watch your favorite shows easily on your phone.

With six inch screen along with full HD and a comprehensive viewing angle, you can be sure that your device will get you the best of shows, videos, movies, music and gaming experience. All you need is Google Play Store on your phone to download any app you need to make your entertainment complete. Gaming is a major past time for many and Google Play ensures that one can gain access to different kinds of games through its platform. Indeed, the largest range of android games can be found on this platform of varied genres.

Google Play Store for Ubuntu based BQ Aquaris

There is a certain range of smart phones of BQ that are based on the Ubuntu platform. Even though Ubuntu mobile OS is Linux based, there are ways to get apps that are from the Google Play Store. There are versions of apps of Google Play that are Ubuntu friendly such as Google Play Music and Google Play Books.

If you are wondering how to get Play Store on BQ smart phones, here are some steps to follow:

  • If you own BQ smart phones that are based on Ubuntu mobile OS, there are Ubuntu friendly apps on Google Play Store that one can download. However, one would be restricted to these apps alone on this platform.
  • For those who have an Android based smart phones, they will find Google Play Store often pre installed on their mobile devices.
  • In case it is not present, one can log onto their mobile web browser.
  • Here they can visit Google or any other search engine to search out Google Play Android APK file.
  • Ensure that the file found is of a version that is compatible with BQ smart phone and the specific model you own.
  • Once it is downloaded, you can get it installed and start to use it on your device.

How to enjoy apps on your BQ device?

When you have the Google Play Store as the official app downloading platform for your device, you can be assured of a secure experience for any app you download. Indeed, there is a wide range of apps of different categories that one can find on these phones. When one wish to access any app on Google Play Store, all one needs to do is follow the steps as mentioned below:Play Store

  • When one logs onto Google Play Store, they will need to log in using a Google account.
  • When a Gmail or Google account is created, this helps one to access Google Play Store on more than one device.
  • There are popular apps displayed on the main page of the store.
  • If you wish to browse through the different categories, you will find these in the drop down menu that is found on the top left hand corner of the Play Store.
  • When you find the right category from where you wish to download an app, you will be able to find apps arranged as per different genres and so forth.
  • When you click on an app, you will find the description and review details shown.
  • Once these details are reviewed, you will be able to understand what to expect from an app. There are screen shots provided as well as comparative apps that you could look at as well.
  • When you regularly download apps from Google Play, it offers you recommendations based on the kind of searches you run.
  • It also ensures that you get notifications when updates of existing apps become available.

For the above reasons it makes sense to access any Android app through Google Play Store. If you have a BQ smart phone, you will enjoy using its different features with the apps you download from here. Google Play Store also offers you apps that are as per the Android operating system that works on your phone. Hence, you need not worry and think about the compatibility of the apps that you download from Google Play Store. That makes it beneficial to have the Google Play in the device that you are using and not have to download the apps from any laptop or computer and have to transfer them to your mobile device.

Play Store For Google Pixel

Play Store

Google Pixel is a phone that Google offers with much innovation in the market. You will surely enjoy several unique features if you are planning to invest in the Pixel series or already have one. It being a Google phone and based on the Android operating system, one can enjoy several innovative apps on this platform. Here we talk about Google Pixel and how you can enjoy different apps when you have the Google Play Store on it.

Play Store

About Google Pixel phones

The Google Pixel comes powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor which ensures that one can enjoy great processing power along with adequate memory space which is made adequate by 4 GB of RAM. There is about 32 GB of storage capacity for the phone. The highlight of the phone is a large megapixel camera which is 12.3 and offers a front shot of 8 megapixel. Hence, as the ads rightly showcase, you can capture startling clarity even in low light. Google Pixel works on Android 7.1 and is a lightweight phone that weighs about 143 grams.

Features you can enjoy on Google Pixel

There are several other features that are standard as well as unique in the Pixel series. You can enjoy different kinds of sensors on the phone such as barometer, temperature sensor, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, accelerometer, proximity sensor, magnetometer with a compass and so forth. Google is a leading company in different online technologies, it has also forayed into hardware and has produced several devices, the Pixel series being the sole line of smart phones as they have launched.

Google Play Store on Pixel phones

For those who are exploring their Pixel phone for the first time, they will surely want to enjoy different apps on it. The different features such as the camera, the music playing capabilities, Google search, cloud services, and other inherent features of Pixel phones can be further enhanced when you have the Google Play store to provide you apps for this phone. As with most Android mobile devices, Google Play Store showcases the different apps that one can download and would be compatible with the device that one is using.

It was initially formed as the Android marketplace that Google started to provide a comprehensive platform for different apps to be marketed. As Android is an open source platform, it allows different developers to develop different apps that can run on it. These are divided into different categories and could be free or come for a price.

If you wish to get started exploring the different possibilities that Pixel phones offer, it is best to get Google Play opened on your device. In case the app is not preloaded on your device, you can download the same through your mobile web browser. The steps to follow are as follows:

  • Log into your mobile web browser and log onto a search site like Google.
  • Here look for the compatible version of Google Play Store for your Pixel phone.
  • Once the compatible version is found on a reliable site, you can download the same.
  • Install the app by overriding security options that often prevent unknown sources to provide downloads for your device.
  • It is also possible to simply transfer the app from your laptop where you can download and save the APK file.

Once the Google Play Store is successfully downloaded to your device, you will enjoy several apps and much more on your device.

Features to enjoy on Pixel with Google Play

Google Play offers several features which one can enjoy on their Pixel phone:

  • There are apps that will help you discover music, games and different kinds of applications and features on Google Pixel.
  • In order to access apps on Google Play store, it is best to log on to the Google or Gmail account that one owns.
  • Only when the Google Play store is accessible through such a user account will one be able to browse the different app categories.
  • The popular apps are showcased on the front section of the app; if one knows of a particular app they wish to download, it can be searched for by using the search panel.
  • The different categories or sections of apps can be found on the left hand panel on the Google Play Store.
  • When one clicks on a certain app, they will find descriptions of the same as well as reviews and ratings. One can also compare a certain app with others that are similar and compare the different features and functions before deciding to download an app.
  • The apps that are made available on Google Play Store will be compatible with the Pixel phone you own. You will also get alerts as and when updates are launched for Google Pixel apps on Google Play store.Play Store

The above points showcase how Google Play store can help you get the maximum out of your phone. Whether you wish to enjoy the camera features or enjoy music on the phone, check out the processing speed and how you can play games on it and so forth, all such features can be explored only with the right kind of apps. You will be able to enhance the capabilities and functionalities of your device with the varied apps that are available on Google Play. Hence, one is able to do much more when they download apps through the Google Play store.

With the Google Play store, you have all kinds of apps available at your fingertips. You can update the apps that are on your device and do much more with your phone or phablet. If you wish to explore the kind of apps that are made available in Pixel series, all you need to do is to find reviews and details of the popular apps for Pixel and search for them on Google Play store.

Play Store For Windows Phone

Play Store

Windows is well known as a computer operating system software and today it is even available in different mobile devices. Windows has enviable features which makes it one of the most wanted and dependable operating software. To find the same in a smart phone or a tablet brings the same features to the fingertips of the users.

Play Store

About Windows phones

The wonders of the Windows operating system can be found on phones that are powered by this software. Windows is known to provide stability as well as a robust framework, whether you are working on multiple functions or wish to use editing and spreadsheet software. Nokia phones powered by Windows are not the only choice when it comes to Windows based smart phones in today’s market. You can opt for Windows Phone 10 which is the latest offering in the market and based on Windows 10.

Features of Windows phones

If you opt for Windows Phones there are several unique features and advantages you will enjoy:

  • This is the third popular mobile operating system after Android and iOS.
  • There are phones that run on Windows 8.1 as well as Windows 10.
  • One can find Nokia phones of the Lumia series that were paired with Windows operating system which combined unique features of Nokia as well as Windows.
  • One can enjoy a PC like experience on Windows phones.
  • There are Office suite of applications available on most Windows based phones. That makes editing of documents and creation of spreadsheets and PowerPoint files easy on the go.
  • The Windows 10 phones include keyboard and mouse compatibility.
  • Universal apps are another advantage of Windows based phones. These can be downloaded and worked upon on phones, tablets as well as on laptops.
  • Processing power, performance and camera features are also state of the art in Windows phones.

For the above points you will find no reason to stay away from Windows phones. However, the apps that are available on Windows store might not be able to rival the Android marketplace for which you might want to know how to add on the Google Play Store and apps from this platform on your Windows phone.

About Google Play Store

Google Play Store is the Android marketplace for Android apps. Developed by Google, this app or platform has been the source for all kinds of Android apps, paid or free. Though there are other platforms from where Android apps can be downloaded, it remains by far the most trusted and comprehensive platform where Android apps are downloaded for different Android smart phones and tablets.

Features of Google Play Store

There are several unique features of Google Play Store that makes it the numero-uno choice for Android mobile devices:

  • This platform has versions compatible for the different Android operating system versions.
  • There are different categories of apps available on this platform, by far the most to be found as compared to other platforms for Android apps.
  • The apps that are made available for download through this platform are checked and verified so that those who download apps are sure of the reliability of these applications.
  • Latest and most popular as well as apps for different operating systems such as Windows and iOS are also available on this platform.
  • This app works as the comprehensive platform for most Android devices to manage apps which include downloads, updates and other functions.

For the above features and many others Google Play Store is the number one choice when it comes to Android apps. Since Android operating system, is an open source platform, the number of apps available on this platform are much more than others. For that reason, if you own a Windows phone, you might want to find ways to run Android apps on it.

Google Play Store on Windows phonesPlay Store

There have been several methods sought out to download Google Play Store on Windows phone. The version of Windows that runs on your phone will also influence the solution to getting the Google Play Store on your Windows phone. The general steps to follow to get Google Play Store on Windows phones are as follows:

  • Find an Android emulator app that is compatible with the Windows phone version you own. This will differ for Windows 8.1 or older models as well as for Windows 10 phones.
  • Download this app on your phone or save it on a cloud and download it through that.
  • Once you run the hack it will help to download Google Play Store on it. The emulator platform that is created acts as an Android platform and allows you to run the Google Play Store on it.
  • You can then download the different apps from the Google Play Store and run them on this platform.

The above steps showcase how you can download Google Play Store on your Windows phone. Remember that downloading a hack might violate the service and warranty terms on your phone. If you find an emulator app for your Windows phone that would help you to run the Google Play Store but there might be processing delays.

The above points need to be kept in mind when you opt for Google Play Store on your Windows phone.

How To Download And Install Google Play Store On iPad?

Play Store

Google Play Store is an Android application store where you will get millions and millions of apps in various categories like music, books, and magazines, games, movies, and TV shows, etc. No matter what app you want, you are sure to find that in the Play Store. Even though this Play Store app is exclusively for Android device users, Google has also made the app to be compatible with iOS devices. So, if you are having an iPad and want to access Google Play Store app for iPad, then you will be able to download the app on your iPad.

Play Store

About Google Play Store app for iPad

The Google Play Store iPad app allows you to search and download some of the very popular Android games, apps, wallpapers, widgets and more on your iPad. This is an application where you can get to see all the apps that are on offer and then decide to download the apps that you want. This app for iPad will give details about the author, images, ratings of the app, suggestions and comments so that you can go through all the details before downloading the app on your iPad. This store offers you plenty of free and paid apps in a wide range of categories. You can also update the Google Play Store version for iPad whenever a new update is available.

Features of Google Play Store for iPad

The key features of Google Play Store are:

  • Music

The Play Music application offered by the Google Play Store is a very good app to use for all music lovers. It features over 40 million songs in various genres from various artists all over the world. By choosing this app, you get to store as many 50,000 songs on the cloud.

  • Movies and TV shows

The Google Play Movies and TV Shows are another popular application offered by the Play Store to meet the demands of movie and TV show buffs. You can rent out the latest movies in all genres as well as the popular TV shows from this app. You can also buy the movies and TV shows so that you can watch it anytime you want.

  • Books

If you are a book reader and love to read books every time, then the Google Play Store book app is a right one for you. There are plenty of eBooks on offer from this app. You get over 5 million e-books to read in this app. You also have the option of purchasing the eBook that you like. By doing so, you can read the books any time, also when you are stuck in traffic or when you are traveling on a long journey. You also get the option to upload as many as 1000 eBooks in pdf formats.

  • Games

One of the most popular features offered by the Google Play Store for iPad is the games section. This is an online gaming application that features millions of games in all genres to meet the gaming needs of both young and old. There are lots of real-time multiplayer games you can play with this app. With leaderboards, rewards, social public boards, achievement and much more, this app is a must for all gaming enthusiasts.

Downloading Google Play Store on Kindle Fire

If you are looking to download the Google Play Store on your iPad and want to use the Play Store like how you do on an Android device, then you will have to root the iPad first. Only if you jailbreak the iPad will you be able to download the Play Store app in its full version. After you have finished the rooting process, you will need many Google APK files and the file manager app to install the Google Play Store.

  • Check out for XDA forums on the internet and download the latest versions of Account and sync settings, Google Play Services, Google Play Store, Google Services Framework, vending and the ES File Explorer from trusted sources on to your computer.
  • After this, you should transfer the APK files on your computer to your iPad by connecting both the devices using a USB cable.
  • Make sure you place all these APK files in a new and separate folder in the iPad storage.
  • After this, Tap the Menu button, locate the new folder that you have created and tap on Root Explore.
  • Choose “mount R/W’ and change both the options to “RW”.
  • After the ES File Explorer has been configured on your iPad, you can now start to install the APKs one by one.
  • After all, the new APK files except the vending get installed on the iPad, you should reboot the device.
  • Go to the APKs folder and copy the vending APK by long pressing on it and then choosing the copy option.
  • Paste this in the App folder of your device and overwrite it on the existing file.
  • After this, you should reboot the device once again.Play Store
  • Open the ES File Explorer and locate the Google Play Store APK file that you have downloaded to the device.
  • Tap on this file and the Google Play Store installation process will begin.
  • After the installation is complete, it is better to reboot the iPad once again before you start using the Google Play Store app.

You will find the Google Play Store app to be installed on your device and locate the icon of the Play Store on your iPad in the Apps folder. Tap on it and you will be asked to log in to your Google account to access it. Key in the username and password of your Google account and if you do not have one, you can easily create one for free. After that, sign in using the newly created Google account details and you will get to access all the millions of apps that you cannot access when you are using the Amazon App Store.

How To Download Play Store For Tablet?

Play Store

There is no app that offers the best of the content and apps for tablet and other mobile device users than the Google Play Store. There are millions of applications for all categories offered in the Play Store app that includes exciting games, free eBooks, music, magazines, games, etc. You will never run short of entertainment if you have the Play Store app installed on your favorite tablet. It will be a treasure trove to download any type of media content you like.

Play Store

Why Android tablet does not have pre-installed Play Store app?

Most of the Android tablets that you buy from physical and online stores will come with Google Play Store pre-installed on it. But, there are a few tablets that do not come with Play Store app and the reasons for this are as follows:

  • The tablet you have purchased might be a low priced Chinese product that might be a clone of other popular Android devices.
  • If you have bought a secondhand Android tablet, then the previous owner could have rooted the application before selling it to you.

Why are tablets incomplete without Play Store app?

The following are some of the reasons why Android tablets are not complete without the Play Store app.

  • It is the only source through which you get to access all kinds of genuine Android apps developed by third-party sources.
  • The tablets can perform different kinds of tasks easily with the use of different Play Store apps.
  • All the apps offered in the Play Store app are reviewed and checked for malware and other issues before they are offered for download for the Android users.
  • You have the option of updating, adding or deleting any of the apps on offer from the Play Store whenever you want.
  • The Google Play Store app is your gateway to get access to millions of apps in different categories.
  • The apps offered here fall into two segments: free and paid apps and you have the option to choose any app that you want.

How to download Google Play Store app for free?

If you have unboxed your new Android tablet and do not find the Google Play Store app pre-installed on the phone, then there is no need to worry. You can easily download the Play Store app on your mobile device and start using the app to download many other entertainment apps. Before you start the procedure to download the Google Play Store app on your Android tablet, you should first switch on the Wi-Fi option on your tablet.

Accessing Google Play Store APK link to download

  • Go to the Settings option on the Android tablet and scroll to locate the Wi-Fi option.
  • Tap on it and connect to the desired Wi-Fi you always use to surf the internet.
  • Open the web browser on the tablet and search for Google Play Store.
  • You will find a download link to show up on the screen. Tap to proceed.
  • After you tap the link, the Google Play Store APK file will get downloaded on the tablet and will be stored in the downloads folder.
  • Check out the download folder for the Google Play Store APK file.

It is very important that you download the APK file from reliable and trusted sources. If you download the APK file from un-trusted sources, there are chances for the APK file tampering. This tampered APK file can cause problems to your Android tablets and will also not function properly. You should look for websites that offer APK with the Google sign and certification. You can also download the APK file on your computer or laptop and then transfer it to your Android tablet using Bluetooth or USB cable.

Enable unknown sources

If you are looking to install the downloaded Google Play Store APK file on the Android tablet, you will need to first enable the unknown sources option in the Settings. If the enable unknown sources are in disabled mode, the tablet will not allow the installation of applications from sources other than the Google Play Store. This is set in disable mode as default. To install the APK file that you have downloaded, you should first enable the unknown source option.

  • Go to the settings option on your Android device and tap on the Security option.
  • Locate the unknown source option and tick the box.
  • A warning message will pop up on the screen, read it fully.
  • After that, hit the Ok option and this way the unknown sources will be enabled on your tablet.

Installing Google Play StorePlay Store

  • Open the downloads folder on the tablet and look for the Google Play Store APK.
  • Tap on it and a box might pop up asking the app that you want to use.
  • Choose the package installer, read the permission changes that come up on the next screen and then tap on the install option.
  • After the installation is over, you will find the latest version of Google Play Store on the tablet.

After you have finished installation of Google Play Store apps on Android tablet, you should immediately go on to the Settings option and turn off or disable the unknown source option. This is very important as disabling the unknown sources will prevent apps from getting downloaded without your permission. You can always go back to the Settings option and turn on or enable the unknown source option to download other apps you want.


Now you know the right way to download the Google Play Store app on your Android tablet. The method mentioned above will work on most of the popular Android devices. There might be a slight variation of the procedure for the Androids with different version and OEM.

Play Store For Kindle Fire Tablet

Play Store

Kindle Fire tablets are a range of tablets brought to the world by Amazon and based on the Android operating system. The tablet brings a range of apps to be used by the user, but these are limited to the app store on Amazon itself. As compared to the millions of apps that are available on Google Play Store, one is surely deprived of several popular and mainstream applications if they do not have access to Google Play Store on their device.

Google Play Store is an online marketplace, originally formed as the Android Market. This marketplace was formed by Google to provide access to Android apps for different Android users. The marketplace forms a platform where developers can upload different kinds of applications for download for Android device users. Google reviews and ensures that the apps available on this platform are safe to download and are optimized to suit varying resolution and Android OS versions in different devices.

Play StoreIt is possible, however, to get Google Play Store on the device with certain changes on a Kindle Fire tablet. These tablets are based on Android OS, but Google based applications are not provided on the tablets as factory settings. However, due to the familiar OS one will be able to get Google Play Store working on this tablet. There are different ways of going about it. One way would be to manually install the android APK files of the apps on the device. The second method would be to install Google Play and then get the applications through this forum.

When following method one to install android apps on Google Play directly on Kindle Fire tablets you need to keep in mind the following points:

  • You can get any Kindle tablet version to work in this case, even a second generation seven inch Kindle.
  • In order to install the apps directly on Kindle Fire, you need to have the APK files of the apps you want ready for download. These could be saved on your laptop. Using a USB cable connection you can then transfer the files from your laptop to the tablet.

Once the apps are on your Kindle Fire tablet, they should work as any Android app. However, compatibility in certain cases needs to be tested as per the operating version that runs on your Kindle Fire tablet. It would be best that you look up the details of the apps as to whether they would be compatible with the Kindle Fire tablet your own before you download them manually.

Play StoreThe second method comprises of being able to install Google Play on your device. This will then open up a world of apps for you that can be easily downloaded and installed on your device. The steps that you need to follow are as given below:

  • ADB is an android developer kit that will help to run commands from a computer on an Android device. A small version can be downloaded and installed. There is another kit called RootJunky super tool which will help install the drivers necessary to connect ADB to the tablet.
  • For Kindle tablets that run on Fire OS 5.3.1 or higher, there is a file available for downloading Google Play Store. These tool kits will help to get Google Play installed on Kindle Fire tablets.
  • To use the tool kits one needs to enable developer options on their Kindle Fire tablet.
  • On the Home screen you need to find the Settings section.
  • Tap on the Device option.
  • When you tap the serial number seven times you enable the developer mode.
  • A new menu opens up under the Serial Number.
  • Tap on the option that reads as enabling ADB.
  • Once ADB is installed, you need to have the same done for your Windows PC.
  • Connect the Fire tablet with your PC with the USB cable.
  • Extract the contents of the zip file into a folder.
  • Launch the batch file that allows installation of Play Store.
  • Once the program loads and a menu appear, you need to allow the ADB driver install to take place.
  • Once ADB is working and you have tested the connection you can opt to install Google Play Store.

Once installation is completed, you need to block out OTA updates from Amazon that will prevent the apps from being broken by automatic updates. Allow your device to restart. You should be able to use Google Play Store as you would on any Android device. You need to create and link a Google account with Google Play to download apps through it. The apps usually download and work fine, but in certain cases, some apps might show bugs and not work properly on the device. These issues will differ from one Kindle Fire tablet to another, depending on the Android OS it is running.

With Google Play Store on a Kindle Fire tablet one can do so much more than merely read books on this tablet. All one needs to do is get Google Play on their tablet and have access to the world of Android apps on it. This will also showcase the different apps that are available and you will be able to use apps for shopping, for entertainment, for paying your bills, making payments, travel bookings and so much more.

Play Store For iPhone

Play Store For iPhone

The Google Play Store app that is available for download and use for different Android devices was previously known as Android market. Today it serves as a digital distribution network for different Android apps that are sold by different firms and developers, either for free or for a charge and mediated by Google. The apps are verified and published for download on the platform to assure safe and secure applications that can be downloaded and enjoyed on any Android device. There are diverse categories of apps that one can download from Google Play Store.

Play Store

Here are some key features that Google Play Store offers:

  • There are diverse categories of apps to download that are divided mainly between books, games, movies and music, utility apps and others.
  • A single Google account linked to Google Play will allow one to download and use apps on different mobile devices.
  • It acts not only as a forum where one can download apps, but also intimates users about updates and other information related downloaded apps.
  • There are about 2.7 million apps available on this platform which surpasses apps on any other online marketplace or for any other OS.

For the above reasons it is not hard to see why Google Play Store is a must have for any Android device. Indeed, any Android based device is incomplete without Google Play. Most new Android devices come with Google Play pre installed. In other devices that have older OS or need to have the application installed, they can easily get the Android app link from their mobile web browser. This in turn will allow Google Play Store to be installed on the device and one can then enjoy the benefits of the application and the online marketplace.

While Google Play is designed as an Android based application that can only run on Android devices, there are certain versions designed to work on iOS as well. Though one might not get the full application of Google Play and its features, the app that is designed to work on Apple devices will work on the operating system of Apple devices without the need for a simulator platform or program to be run.

There are several reasons why one might want to run Play Store on their iOS devices. The Play Store has millions of apps of different kinds that are available on this platform. Due to the popularity of Android devices, the apps available for running on Android devices far outrun the apps that are made compatible for other mobile operating systems. Hence, users of Apple devices might want to use or download apps that are available on Play Store. There are certain versions of Play Store that come pre installed in Apple devices. If you have a pre installed Play Store application on your Apple device, you can open this app and start using the same.

For those who do not have Google Play Store on their iOS and wish to download the same after searching for the file on iTunes, here are some options available to them:

  • As iPhones and iPads run on different operating system you need to make certain changes in order to allow Google Play to run on your device.
  • Jail breaking is an option to go for. Know that jail breaking will allow other networks and certain apps to be installed on your device, but you would be making any existing guarantee with Apple null and void.
  • You can download the APK file for Google Play from a trusted source and keep it for installation later on.
  • You need to install Cydia and bootlace application on your jail broken iPhone or iPad. When you launch Cydia you need to run bootlace applications from it.
  • After these operations restart the device to allow the changes to be made part of the operating system.
  • You need to install iDroid which is considered a simulator Android operating system for iOS.
  • Once this platform is downloaded and installed on your Apple device, you can install Google Play by running the APK file you downloaded.

The above points showcase how Play Store can be achieved for iOS devices which do not have an Android operating system. In order to enjoy the apps available on Play Store, you need to download a simulator program for Apple devices. There are several out there and it is best that one reads up reviews of these programs and their advantages before installing one on their device. Once the simulator program is installed, it will help you install Google Play on this platform. You can then use Google Play on this simulator as you would on an Android device.

Play StoreHere is a list of things you need to do to enjoy Google Play apps on your iOS device:

  • Open the simulator program on your Apple device.
  • Locate the APK file for Google Play and download it on this platform.
  • Once Google Play is successfully downloaded, open the app and create an account on it.
  • If you have an existing Google account, you can link it to the app.
  • Once the account details are created and verified, you will be able to log on and check out the different apps.

Once Google Play becomes available on your device, you can download apps and use them in the simulator program. This enables you to enjoy the apps as you would on any Android device. If there is any utility or entertainment app you wanted to download and could not find it on iTunes, chances are that you will find it easily on Google Play. This is the largest online marketplace for apps and ensures a safe and secure way to browse apps and download them. You are assured of the reliability of the apps when you download them from Google Play Store.

Play Store Download for YouWave

When you have witnessed the exciting world of android apps on your smart phone or tablet, you want the same for your PC. As most PCs run with Windows or Mac based OS, they are unable to run Android apps. There are different kinds of emulator programs like YouWave that make it possible for Android apps to work on the PC platform as well.

What is YouWave?

There has been a demand for emulator programs, especially for creating a virtual environment for Android applications on non Android devices. That is what YouWave brings in, much like its predecessor BlueStacks. You will gain Android OS simulated environment on your PC with this software.

  • Its features

The features of YouWave are as follows:

  • Gain an Android OS similar environment on your PC.
  • Benefit from getting different Android apps on this platform.
  • Get to use different Android apps as you would on Android devices like smart phones or tablets.

What is Google Play Store?

Google Play Store is the one stop shop for getting your hands on paid and free Android apps. This platform has become the numero uno choice for most Android device users. Whether you are using an Android device or running an Android emulator program on your PC, Google Play Store provides you all kinds of Android apps easy to download and manage.

What it offers?

Even though Google Play Store is another Android app, but it offers several features as a virtual marketplace of apps:

  • You will gain access to free as well as paid apps.
  • You can download free apps as well as paid ones securely through this platform.
  • All apps are reviewed and only reliable apps are made available for download on this platform.
  • Run by Google, it is a reliable marketplace for Android apps.
  • You can review and read about apps as well as rate them on this platform.
  • Downloaded apps are managed by this platform as well.

How to get android apps on PC?

The Android apps which you want to use on PC can be downloaded through YouWave. This emulator program makes it possible for you to access your favorite Android apps even on your PC. The process you need to follow to get YouWave on your PC is elaborated below.

  • YouWave application

In order to run YouWave on your PC you need to do the following:

  • Locate a reliable source to download the application.
  • You need to pay for the full edition of this software.
  • Once the payment is made, you will find the download link.
  • Use this to have the emulator program on your PC.
  • The emulator program will open up possibilities to download Android apps on your PC.
  • You can get Google Play Store which will showcase different apps for download.
  • These will download and run as they would in an android environment.
  • With the lightweight features of the emulator program you can be assured of getting the full experience of the Android apps.

Once the Android apps are downloaded on YouWave, you will be able to access them as you would on your Android device. The Google Play Store also provides you access to different kinds of paid and free apps and you can run them on YouWave for your PC.