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Windows is well known as a computer operating system software and today it is even available in different mobile devices. Windows has enviable features which makes it one of the most wanted and dependable operating software. To find the same in a smart phone or a tablet brings the same features to the fingertips of the users.

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About Windows phones

The wonders of the Windows operating system can be found on phones that are powered by this software. Windows is known to provide stability as well as a robust framework, whether you are working on multiple functions or wish to use editing and spreadsheet software. Nokia phones powered by Windows are not the only choice when it comes to Windows based smart phones in today’s market. You can opt for Windows Phone 10 which is the latest offering in the market and based on Windows 10.

Features of Windows phones

If you opt for Windows Phones there are several unique features and advantages you will enjoy:

  • This is the third popular mobile operating system after Android and iOS.
  • There are phones that run on Windows 8.1 as well as Windows 10.
  • One can find Nokia phones of the Lumia series that were paired with Windows operating system which combined unique features of Nokia as well as Windows.
  • One can enjoy a PC like experience on Windows phones.
  • There are Office suite of applications available on most Windows based phones. That makes editing of documents and creation of spreadsheets and PowerPoint files easy on the go.
  • The Windows 10 phones include keyboard and mouse compatibility.
  • Universal apps are another advantage of Windows based phones. These can be downloaded and worked upon on phones, tablets as well as on laptops.
  • Processing power, performance and camera features are also state of the art in Windows phones.

For the above points you will find no reason to stay away from Windows phones. However, the apps that are available on Windows store might not be able to rival the Android marketplace for which you might want to know how to add on the Google Play Store and apps from this platform on your Windows phone.

About Google Play Store

Google Play Store is the Android marketplace for Android apps. Developed by Google, this app or platform has been the source for all kinds of Android apps, paid or free. Though there are other platforms from where Android apps can be downloaded, it remains by far the most trusted and comprehensive platform where Android apps are downloaded for different Android smart phones and tablets.

Features of Google Play Store

There are several unique features of Google Play Store that makes it the numero-uno choice for Android mobile devices:

  • This platform has versions compatible for the different Android operating system versions.
  • There are different categories of apps available on this platform, by far the most to be found as compared to other platforms for Android apps.
  • The apps that are made available for download through this platform are checked and verified so that those who download apps are sure of the reliability of these applications.
  • Latest and most popular as well as apps for different operating systems such as Windows and iOS are also available on this platform.
  • This app works as the comprehensive platform for most Android devices to manage apps which include downloads, updates and other functions.

For the above features and many others Google Play Store is the number one choice when it comes to Android apps. Since Android operating system, is an open source platform, the number of apps available on this platform are much more than others. For that reason, if you own a Windows phone, you might want to find ways to run Android apps on it.

Google Play Store on Windows phonesPlay Store

There have been several methods sought out to download Google Play Store on Windows phone. The version of Windows that runs on your phone will also influence the solution to getting the Google Play Store on your Windows phone. The general steps to follow to get Google Play Store on Windows phones are as follows:

  • Find an Android emulator app that is compatible with the Windows phone version you own. This will differ for Windows 8.1 or older models as well as for Windows 10 phones.
  • Download this app on your phone or save it on a cloud and download it through that.
  • Once you run the hack it will help to download Google Play Store on it. The emulator platform that is created acts as an Android platform and allows you to run the Google Play Store on it.
  • You can then download the different apps from the Google Play Store and run them on this platform.

The above steps showcase how you can download Google Play Store on your Windows phone. Remember that downloading a hack might violate the service and warranty terms on your phone. If you find an emulator app for your Windows phone that would help you to run the Google Play Store but there might be processing delays.

The above points need to be kept in mind when you opt for Google Play Store on your Windows phone.

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