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Google Pixel is a phone that Google offers with much innovation in the market. You will surely enjoy several unique features if you are planning to invest in the Pixel series or already have one. It being a Google phone and based on the Android operating system, one can enjoy several innovative apps on this platform. Here we talk about Google Pixel and how you can enjoy different apps when you have the Google Play Store on it.

Play Store

About Google Pixel phones

The Google Pixel comes powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor which ensures that one can enjoy great processing power along with adequate memory space which is made adequate by 4 GB of RAM. There is about 32 GB of storage capacity for the phone. The highlight of the phone is a large megapixel camera which is 12.3 and offers a front shot of 8 megapixel. Hence, as the ads rightly showcase, you can capture startling clarity even in low light. Google Pixel works on Android 7.1 and is a lightweight phone that weighs about 143 grams.

Features you can enjoy on Google Pixel

There are several other features that are standard as well as unique in the Pixel series. You can enjoy different kinds of sensors on the phone such as barometer, temperature sensor, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, accelerometer, proximity sensor, magnetometer with a compass and so forth. Google is a leading company in different online technologies, it has also forayed into hardware and has produced several devices, the Pixel series being the sole line of smart phones as they have launched.

Google Play Store on Pixel phones

For those who are exploring their Pixel phone for the first time, they will surely want to enjoy different apps on it. The different features such as the camera, the music playing capabilities, Google search, cloud services, and other inherent features of Pixel phones can be further enhanced when you have the Google Play store to provide you apps for this phone. As with most Android mobile devices, Google Play Store showcases the different apps that one can download and would be compatible with the device that one is using.

It was initially formed as the Android marketplace that Google started to provide a comprehensive platform for different apps to be marketed. As Android is an open source platform, it allows different developers to develop different apps that can run on it. These are divided into different categories and could be free or come for a price.

If you wish to get started exploring the different possibilities that Pixel phones offer, it is best to get Google Play opened on your device. In case the app is not preloaded on your device, you can download the same through your mobile web browser. The steps to follow are as follows:

  • Log into your mobile web browser and log onto a search site like Google.
  • Here look for the compatible version of Google Play Store for your Pixel phone.
  • Once the compatible version is found on a reliable site, you can download the same.
  • Install the app by overriding security options that often prevent unknown sources to provide downloads for your device.
  • It is also possible to simply transfer the app from your laptop where you can download and save the APK file.

Once the Google Play Store is successfully downloaded to your device, you will enjoy several apps and much more on your device.

Features to enjoy on Pixel with Google Play

Google Play offers several features which one can enjoy on their Pixel phone:

  • There are apps that will help you discover music, games and different kinds of applications and features on Google Pixel.
  • In order to access apps on Google Play store, it is best to log on to the Google or Gmail account that one owns.
  • Only when the Google Play store is accessible through such a user account will one be able to browse the different app categories.
  • The popular apps are showcased on the front section of the app; if one knows of a particular app they wish to download, it can be searched for by using the search panel.
  • The different categories or sections of apps can be found on the left hand panel on the Google Play Store.
  • When one clicks on a certain app, they will find descriptions of the same as well as reviews and ratings. One can also compare a certain app with others that are similar and compare the different features and functions before deciding to download an app.
  • The apps that are made available on Google Play Store will be compatible with the Pixel phone you own. You will also get alerts as and when updates are launched for Google Pixel apps on Google Play store.Play Store

The above points showcase how Google Play store can help you get the maximum out of your phone. Whether you wish to enjoy the camera features or enjoy music on the phone, check out the processing speed and how you can play games on it and so forth, all such features can be explored only with the right kind of apps. You will be able to enhance the capabilities and functionalities of your device with the varied apps that are available on Google Play. Hence, one is able to do much more when they download apps through the Google Play store.

With the Google Play store, you have all kinds of apps available at your fingertips. You can update the apps that are on your device and do much more with your phone or phablet. If you wish to explore the kind of apps that are made available in Pixel series, all you need to do is to find reviews and details of the popular apps for Pixel and search for them on Google Play store.

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