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This article is about Google Play Store app on BQ devices. This electronics brand offers a series of Android based smart phones and to enjoy the features and amenities, one would need to download apps on them. That is where Google Play Store comes in which enable users to find their favorite apps and different others that can make their BQ smart phones enjoyable and entertaining.

Play Store

About BQ phones

BQ is a Spain based electronics brand that has several product ranges in the electronics segment. The smart phone series known as Aquaris is popular and is based on the Android operating system. You will find several Aquaris series phones such as Aquaris E series or X5 available in the market. Most of these smart phones of this brand are based on the Android Lollipop operating system. For those who invest in the Android based smart phones of this brand, they will find most of the products flaunting Google Play Store as the official app download platform.

Google Play Store for BQ Aquaris

This series of BQ smart phones has some unique features that make them compelling choices to customers. If you are tired of watching videos on smart phone screens that hurt the eye, a phone such as Aquaris E6 can offer you great viewing experience. If you wish to get the most out of your viewing experience, Google Play Store has a lot to offer:

  • There are separate categories for TV shows, movies, videos that one can download from Google Play Store.
  • Games form a large and comprehensive section of Google Play. You will find all kinds of games of different genres here, either for free or for paid download.
  • Popular apps like YouTube can also be downloaded from Google Play Store that helps you watch your favorite shows easily on your phone.

With six inch screen along with full HD and a comprehensive viewing angle, you can be sure that your device will get you the best of shows, videos, movies, music and gaming experience. All you need is Google Play Store on your phone to download any app you need to make your entertainment complete. Gaming is a major past time for many and Google Play ensures that one can gain access to different kinds of games through its platform. Indeed, the largest range of android games can be found on this platform of varied genres.

Google Play Store for Ubuntu based BQ Aquaris

There is a certain range of smart phones of BQ that are based on the Ubuntu platform. Even though Ubuntu mobile OS is Linux based, there are ways to get apps that are from the Google Play Store. There are versions of apps of Google Play that are Ubuntu friendly such as Google Play Music and Google Play Books.

If you are wondering how to get Play Store on BQ smart phones, here are some steps to follow:

  • If you own BQ smart phones that are based on Ubuntu mobile OS, there are Ubuntu friendly apps on Google Play Store that one can download. However, one would be restricted to these apps alone on this platform.
  • For those who have an Android based smart phones, they will find Google Play Store often pre installed on their mobile devices.
  • In case it is not present, one can log onto their mobile web browser.
  • Here they can visit Google or any other search engine to search out Google Play Android APK file.
  • Ensure that the file found is of a version that is compatible with BQ smart phone and the specific model you own.
  • Once it is downloaded, you can get it installed and start to use it on your device.

How to enjoy apps on your BQ device?

When you have the Google Play Store as the official app downloading platform for your device, you can be assured of a secure experience for any app you download. Indeed, there is a wide range of apps of different categories that one can find on these phones. When one wish to access any app on Google Play Store, all one needs to do is follow the steps as mentioned below:Play Store

  • When one logs onto Google Play Store, they will need to log in using a Google account.
  • When a Gmail or Google account is created, this helps one to access Google Play Store on more than one device.
  • There are popular apps displayed on the main page of the store.
  • If you wish to browse through the different categories, you will find these in the drop down menu that is found on the top left hand corner of the Play Store.
  • When you find the right category from where you wish to download an app, you will be able to find apps arranged as per different genres and so forth.
  • When you click on an app, you will find the description and review details shown.
  • Once these details are reviewed, you will be able to understand what to expect from an app. There are screen shots provided as well as comparative apps that you could look at as well.
  • When you regularly download apps from Google Play, it offers you recommendations based on the kind of searches you run.
  • It also ensures that you get notifications when updates of existing apps become available.

For the above reasons it makes sense to access any Android app through Google Play Store. If you have a BQ smart phone, you will enjoy using its different features with the apps you download from here. Google Play Store also offers you apps that are as per the Android operating system that works on your phone. Hence, you need not worry and think about the compatibility of the apps that you download from Google Play Store. That makes it beneficial to have the Google Play in the device that you are using and not have to download the apps from any laptop or computer and have to transfer them to your mobile device.

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