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Are you trying to find apps for your Android device? This can be easily achieved if you have Play Store on your device. This can be for different kinds of Android devices as Google Play Store is an app that works for Android platform. Here are some points that help you understand what Google Play offers your mobile device and how you can use the same to download different kinds of apps on your device.

Play Store

Benefits of Google Play Store

Why has Google Play on your Android device? Whether it is a smart phone or a tablet, with this Android platform you will be able to have different apps on your device. There are several functions that Google Play offers for your Android phone or tablet such as:

  • It acts as a secure gateway for different apps of the Android platform.
  • There are free as well as paid Android apps available on this platform, of the largest range.
  • One can browse across different kinds of categories of apps on this platform.
  • There are Google Play gift cards available as well, which can be sourced at different retail stores.

Google Play Store was started by Google at a time when there was no reliable source for downloading apps for the Android platform. Android was started by Google and there was felt a need for a marketplace where apps for the platform could be marketed. As Android is an open source operating system, this is a platform for which developers can create apps on their own. Google created the Android marketplace, later known as the Google Play Store, which acted as a platform where developers could register and upload their apps and upon verification, their apps are made available for download, either for free or for a price. Google makes the apps available in different categories and validates the apps uploaded here so that users who search and look to download apps are assured of safe apps to download from this platform.

How to start?

If you wish to have the Google Play Store on your smart phone, here are the steps to go about it:

  • If you do not have Google Play Store pre loaded on your device, simply log into your mobile web browser.
  • Ensure that data connectivity or Wi-Fi is on.
  • Log on and find the Google Play Store on any search site.
  • Download the version that would be compatible with your phone as well as the Android operating system version your phone works with.
  • Once the file is downloaded, allow installation to take place.
  • Often the file download is disabled from unknown sources for security reasons. In such a case you need to toggle the security settings in your device.

Once the device security settings are changed, you can then move to have the Android app file of Google Play Store downloaded.

Once the download has happened and the installation completed, here are some steps to follow to start using the app platform:

  • When you click on the Google Play Store after installation, you would be asked to access through a Google account.
  • If you have not opened a Google account for Play Store before, you can link any existing Google or Gmail account with this app interface.
  • Once the account details are entered, you would be given access to the main interface of the app.
  • There are popular apps that are displayed by categories on the main page. You will also get to browse the different categories by clicking on the drop down menu on the left hand side of the Google Play Store main page.
  • You could also use the search button that is displayed on top of the main page.

Accessing apps on Google PlayPlay Store

Once you get access to Google Play Store and all the app categories it offers, you will have a fun time downloading different apps from it. There are free apps available of different categories which can be of different types and cater to varied interests. The most popular section is that of games and entertainment. Enjoy free games of different genres which can also be searched for as per age group or interests as well as subject. When you click on a free app that you wish to download here are some points to note:

  • Read up a description of the app which is displayed on the app page.
  • There is an app rating that is provided by Google as well as user ratings and reviews mentioned below.
  • App screenshots help you understand what you can expect from a certain app.
  • You could also compare similar apps and their ratings or features before you decide to download one.

The above steps will help you know about any free app you find on the Google Play Store which you can then download onto your device. Once an app is downloaded from Google Play Store, it can be managed through this platform as well. You could opt to uninstall the app or update it. These are some ways you can enjoy free apps on your Google Play Store and rely on it to offer you new and innovative apps that are launched for the Android platform.

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