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Here we talk about Google Play Store app and how it works with different cellular service providers or network services. In this article we discuss how Vodafone is a world level network service provider and the kind of benefits it offers Android phone users. There is a dedicated app provided to the subscribers of the network through Google Play Store that one can access and use the different amenities and features.

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About Vodafone

Known as Vodafone Group, this is a British multinational telecommunications venture which is headquartered in London. This company services different regions across the world inclosing Europe, Africa, Asia and others. It is known to be a global mobile operator group which ranks fifth by its revenue terms and it is said that about 469.7 million subscribers are on this network as of last year.

There are about 26 countries in Vodafone network and there are partner networks as well which spread to 50 countries. The company has stayed ahead of the IT services as well as telecommunications technology that it offers across 150 countries, being recognized as one of the premier telecommunication services in the world.

Vodafone for Android phones and tablets

When you own an Android phone or tablet, you would want to enjoy all the facilities and features that your phone or mobile OS provides. That is where the mobile network or technology has a part to play. Hence, if you have Vodafone as your network service provider, you are sure to enjoy all features and functionalities to your Android device. The network service ensures that mobile connectivity remains seamless across the countries that they operate in as well as have tie ups with domestic network carriers across the world to ensure that their subscribers do not fail to receive connection on their network.

Google Play Store download by Vodafone connection

Like any other mobile network, if you wish to enjoy your Android phone or tablet, you would want to download Google Play Store on it. When you are a subscriber of Vodafone, you will enjoy fast internet or mobile data connectivity. If the Android phone you use does not offer you Google Play Store, follow the steps below to download the same:

  • Log onto your device’s mobile web browser.
  • Here you will find Google or other popular search engine sites.
  • Once you search and find the right version of Google Play Store as compatible with your device, simply download the Android APK file.
  • Google Play Store comes as a free Android APK file which can be easily downloaded and installed.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can then access the Play Store and download apps through it.

Exploring apps on Google Play Store

With the help of Google Play Store on Vodafone mobile connection, one can enjoy several benefits such as:

  • This platform is one of the largest for seeking out Android apps of different categories.
  • You will be able to seek out free as well as paid Android apps of any category, brand, service and so forth.
  • Google Play has several popular categories to browse through, such as games, music, books, shows, movies and so forth.
  • Google Play provides a description of each app that offers on it along with a listing and comparison of similar apps. There are ratings and customer testimonials to check out as well.
  • Any app that you download from Google Play will allow you to manage it as well such as updating the same. There are update notifications that are displayed through Google Play.

The above points showcase how Google Play Store can help you find the best and reliable apps for Android devices. With your reliable Vodafone connection you are sure to find the different apps easy to download and install from Google Play. There is a dedicated app that Vodafone also provides through Google Play Store which enables Vodafone customers to manage their Vodafone accounts easily through it.

My Vodafone app on Google Play Store

There are different benefits that one would get if they downloaded My Vodafone app through Google Play Store. For Vodafone subscribers it provides a convenient way to manage Vodafone account. This enables one to do several functions such as:Play Store

  • Manage or complete customer details and edit personal information on Vodafone account.
  • Opt to pay off bills either manually or set instructions for automatic withdrawals for payment cycles.
  • Data packs of Vodafone could be opted for through the mobile app.
  • It is also possible to track data usage for one’s phone number as well as balance that remains.
  • There are exclusive offers that are listed on the app, which one can click on to know or avail of.

With this app both prepaid as well as postpaid users can benefit. Hence, no matter what kind of connection you use of Vodafone, with the app downloaded from Google Play Store, you will be able to manage your number or account with ease. You might have multiple accounts with Vodafone which can also be managed with this app. For those who wish to activate international roaming packs, they can do so with ease with this app. Hence, from tracking and managing account details, paying bills, activating different offers or opting to take a different connection plan, all this and more can be done with the Vodafone app.

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