Play Store For Asus Computer

When you have an Asus computer, you would probably be running Windows operating system on it. While earlier versions of Windows required an emulator program to be downloaded in order to run Android apps like Google Play Store, that is no longer a requirement for the Windows operating systems of versions 7/8/10. There are simple steps that you need to follow in order to get Google Play Store on your PC.

Play Store

Google Play Store is considered the one stop destination for different kinds of Android apps. Indeed, with 2.7 million apps available on this platform, it supersedes the number of apps available on other platforms.

  • There are all kinds of popular apps like WhatsApp, Gmail, Outlook, shopping, entertainment apps to be downloaded from this platform.
  • No matter which website you subscribe or wish to follow, they are bound to have an Android app.
  • There are special benefits that one can avail when they use apps.  For all such reasons, the need for Android apps supersedes apps on other mobile operating systems.

For downloading Google Play Store on your Asus Windows based computer, you will find a web client called Raccoon. This web client application acts as the bridge between the operating system Windows and the Android app Google Play Store. This web client is an APK downloader application.

There are other emulator programs as well, which can create an Android like environment on your computer. Bluestacks is one emulator program that can help you get Google Play Store on your PC. The process to follow is enumerated below:

  • Log onto your web browser.
  • Search for Bluestack programs on any search engine.
  • Find the compatible version of Bluestack for your Windows based PC.
  • Download the file from a trusted source.
  • Once the emulator program is running on your computer, you will find easy ways to download Google Play Store on this platform.

When you wish to use Google Play Store through a web client like Raccoon it will mimic your android device’s account on your PC and allow you to browse Google Play as you would on your Android device. There are certain steps that you need to take when you wish to run Raccoon on your PC:

  • Ensure that the latest runtime version of Java runs on your PC.
  • You need to search for Raccoon as an executable or Jar file from search engine databases.
  • The setup file will be downloaded to your computer and you can install the application accordingly.
  • Once the application has downloaded, you need to open up the window of the web client.
  • You will be asked to key in the login credentials that you use in your Android based Google Play Store account.
  • These details need to be saved in the Archive setup section.
  • The GSF ID needs to be in sync with what you already use in your Android device Google Play Store.
  • There are two tabs present in the web client for Downloads and Search. In the search box you can type in the app you wish to download. You could also paste the link of the app as found on Play Store to get the exact result.
  • The interface will provide you all necessary details of the app you wish to download such as application size, price, ratings, installation details.
  • When you click on an app that is showcased for download, you will get an option as to where you wish to save the file.

It is also recommended that you run a malware check for any app you download though Google Play Store does offer verified apps on its interface.

Hence, there are two distinct ways you can have Google Play Store working on your Asus Windows based computer. You could choose to download the apps through the web client applications which emulate the account you have on your Android device. In case you wish to download Google Play Store on Windows and create a distinct account on it, you need to download an emulator program like BlueStacks that will create an Android OS environment on your PC. Here you can download Google Play Store and browse the apps through it by creating an account for it or linking an existing Google account with it.

Play StoreGoogle Play Store offers access to different kinds of apps. You can run them on your PC and enjoy the benefits as you would on an Android based mobile device like a smart phone or tablet. As Google Play Store has the largest collection of apps in different categories, your PC becomes a more exciting place than what you could simply do on it. In case you have an Asus Chromebook, you need to have Chrome OS of version 53 or higher to run Google Play Store on it. The benefit of Asus Chromebook is that you will get Google Play Store with the following features:

  • It can be downloaded directly on your PC.
  • The app has an interface that is optimized to the wider and larger screen of your Chromebook.
  • The app will allow you to download the different apps directly on the Chromebook.
  • You will be able to install and run the apps as you would do on any Android based device.

The above points showcase how an Asus Chromebook provides you access to Google Play Store and allows you all the pleasure of browsing applications, downloading the applications from it and using them directly without having to run an emulator program.

For those who run Windows based Asus computer, they will find it easier to have Google Play Store for their PC with several web client applications or emulator programs that are easy to install and run and allow one to get access to Google Play Store on their device.

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