Play Store For Apple Devices

Google Play Store is the Android app marketplace that has become the number one choice for all Android device users. With the popularity of the Android platform, it should come as little surprise that Google Play offers the largest number of apps that far outnumber the apps developed and marketed on other platforms including iTunes. For such reasons, many users of non Android OS devices also want Play Store on their device. This provides them access to apps for most websites that have mobile apps; Play Store also has the largest collection of third party applications, whether they are banking, shopping and other utility apps, or one is looking for entertainment apps like music, games, books, movies, TV shows and others.

Play StoreThose who are Apple device users can gain access to a large number of apps through iTunes. The world of Apple apps is also extensive, but it falls short when it comes to comparing the kind and range of apps one can access through Google Play. There are compatible versions of Google Play that are available for use on Apple devices. The following points need to be noted on Google Play that is available for use on Apple devices:

  • Select apps such as Movies and TV of Google Play are available for use on iOS.
  • Google Movies and TV as well as Google Play Books are available on Apple’s app store.
  • Google Play Music is also available on iOS which was launched since September 2013.

Hence, the above apps in selected versions are available for download and use on your iOS device. There are several benefits of using these apps on your iOS device such as:

  • The versions are compatible with the Apple device you download them on. Hence, the apps that would be showcased in these Google Play apps would be compatible for running on your iOS device.
  • Google Play Movies and TV, Music and Books have their versions created for iOS devices which allow one to gain access to apps, free or paid on these platforms that would run seamlessly on the Apple devices.

There are certain restrictions based on which these apps will work on an Apple device. For instance, one is able to purchase apps through these Google Play Stores. The apps work as they do with Android devices with certain restrictions. For instance, TV shows or films purchased on Google Play might not work due to certain restrictions placed by Apple. You need to depend on Wi-Fi connectivity to run the apps as there is no support for 3G/4G streaming to the device.

The modern iOS devices have more support for Google Play. When you have this versatile Android marketplace on your iOS device you will be able to get a lot more content on your phone or tablet than you would from iTunes. Those who subscribe to ChromeCast will be able to have access to more entertaining content. With the increasing availability Google showcases its commitment to providing content and apps for iOS devices. As there are millions of third party applications available on this marketplace, this is one platform that cannot be ignored.

Here are a summary of the features and limitations that Google Play offers for iOS devices:

  • Those who use iPod, iPhone and iPad touch versions will be able to use the Google Play iOS version.
  • One can avail books, TV shows and movies through the iOS Google Play version.
  • For those who wish to beam Google Play content directly onto their TV, they need to purchase ChromeCast to enable this streaming to happen.
  • Google Play that is built for iOS also does not allow in-app content purchases. To overcome this, one needs to visit Google Play websites where one can complete such transactions.
  • There are certain benefits of using Google Play on iOS. For instance, many movie rentals are priced lower on Google Play than what one would find on iTunes. The savings make it compelling to use Google Play more often and it becomes even better with ChromeCast streaming.
  • There are certain TV shows whose episodes are aired for free on Google Play for iOS.

There are certain limitations that iOS users need to adjust to when using Google Play on their iOS devices. For instance, Google Play on such devices works only through Wi-Fi networks. If the internet connectivity is slow in certain areas over this network, one will find it difficult to run or use Google Play on their iOS device. Certain content can be downloaded and used offline, but in certain cases, one needs to have an online connection to use certain apps downloaded from Google Play.

Play StoreThere are certain updates that one can know about. For instance, Apple TV can play shows and movies on Google Play movies and TV shows. Airplay is now supported by Google Play for iOS which is a recent development. HD content can be streamed onto one’s Apple TV with Google Play app. With downloads supported more on iOS devices through Google Play, you will be able to save certain videos and movies and watch them offline.

With the above points one realizes that Google Play content is becoming more and more available for iOS devices over time. Those who wish to use Google Play unbridled on their Apple device need to jailbreak their device. There are emulator programs available for creating an Android environment on iOS. With such steps one can get Google Play Store on their iOS device and be able to use the app as one would on their Android device. With the emulator program they are able to download apps easily on this platform and use them without restrictions.

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