Play Store For Blackberry

Google Play Store download for Blackberry phones is something that many people look for. Blackberry devices have undergone a lot of changes and though the Blackberry devices have their own BB system, there are ways to have Google Play Store on these devices. With Google Play Store on a Blackberry one is sure to get a world of Android apps at their fingertips. The main issue is to get Google Play working on your Blackberry device.

There are several Blackberry phones that are popular such as Z10, Z3, Z30, Q5, Q10, P9983, P9982, Classic, Passport, Leap, Priv and others. However, as Android platform is by far the most popular mobile platform for smart phones and tablets, the apps that are available for this platform far surpass what one will find for their Blackberry device. As most websites have Android apps developed for use on mobile devices, if Google Play Store is enabled on one’s Blackberry device, they will get access to several apps for popular shopping sites, entertainment and other functions that are possible only through Android apps.

Play StoreWith the popularity of Blackberry OS it is also possible to have Google Play Store on Blackberry devices. There is a version of Play Store for Blackberry that allows one to download the same and gain access to apps that can work on Blackberry devices. With this app one gains access to different third party application that are either free or need to be paid for. With Google Play Store with a Blackberry device one gains the following benefits:

  • One gains access to different kinds of apps; Google Play offers about 2.7 million apps as of 2017.
  • There are third party applications easily available on this platform of free or paid varieties.
  • Google Play Store offers a secure platform for downloading apps as well as managing them as updates are easy to do through this platform.

Many people do not want a partial part of Google Play on their device but want it fully on their Blackberry phone. It might have not been possible before, but with Play Store having a version for Blackberry users, it has become possible to get a flavor of the app on Blackberry OS. There are certain ways one can get Google Play working on their Blackberry device as per the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the settings section on your BB device.
  • Here you will find App Manager where you can install apps.
  • Turn on the option that states Allow Apps from Other Sources to be installed.
  • You will then be able to install third party applications on Blackberry.
  • Log onto your PC and download the Google Account Manager of the latest version.
  • Install the file and sign into your Google account.
  • Allow your device to be registered with Google Play Store.
  • Download the file for Blackberry Google ID and install it. You need to register the device with Google Blackberry ID.
  • Now you can download Google Play Store and be able to install the same.

The above steps help you get Google Play Store installed for your Blackberry device. There is another way you can have Google Play Store installed on your Blackberry, using the Snap tool. This tool comes in handy as well since it provides access to apps that are available on Google Play Store.

The steps to have Snap on your Blackberry device are as follows:

  • Open up the Google Chrome browser on your device.
  • There is an extensive file called the BB10/Playbook app manager available for download on the Chrome web store.
  • You will find Snap application available here and it would be wise to choose the latest version for download.

Play StoreVisit your Blackberry device and under Security and Privacy options found in Settings you need to put in Development Mode. Switch this on and you will need to key in the IP address Ignore the warning or error messages that come by and connect the device with your PC using the USB port. You will find the installed apps showing up. Find Snap and install the same. You will then be able to download different Android apps through Snap and get them installed on your device.

There is another way to get Google Play Store working on your Blackberry device. You can get an emulator program downloaded and working on your device. This will create an Android environment on your phone. Here you can then download Google Play and use it as you would on any Android device. You need to link a Google account with this app. That in turn will allow you to download apps through Google Play and run them on the emulator platform. These are some ways you can get the most of Google Play on your Blackberry device. It will give you access to different apps that are popular and help you turn your Blackberry device into a multi functional and entertaining device.

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