Play Store Install Error 24

As of today Google Play has over 2.7 million apps for Android OS devices. The application is available over 145 countries. With every country it has regional and localized domains and regional language support options. The apps that are showcased on this platform are popular worldwide categories as well as local apps that are marketed by local application developers and vendors. Google Play Store comes as a free application and a versatile one that adapts to the screen resolution as well as Android OS capabilities of a device.

Play StoreGoogle Play Store on any Android device has the following features to offer:

  • It comes pre installed on a device or can be downloaded and installed for free on any Android device.
  • The application has a vast set of categories of apps to offer which are showcased in different ways on the platform.
  • The app can be used by linking a Google account of the user.
  • This account helps Google to monitor the app downloads and preferences of a user.
  • Google Play offers both paid and free apps for download.
  • A single Google Play account can be linked to more than one Android device.
  • Google Play allows one to download as well as manage downloaded apps on this platform.

Nowadays, most Android devices come with Google Play pre installed in them. This provides ease and convenience to users who can start to downloading apps that they need or browse new ones as soon as they obtain a new Android based phone or tablet. This becomes the gateway through which one can download different applications of their choice and update the same as well.

The app has several categories of apps to download and enjoy. These are marketed by different developers and firms and some are free while others come with a price. No matter what app you are looking for, you can use the search option on Google Play to quickly find any app you are looking for. The latest and popular apps are usually showcased on the front page of the app to allow users to go through them and know the ratings at one glance. Clicking on an app one is able to see details of the same, whether it is for free or paid, and then one can check the feedback of other users before deciding to download an app.

In certain instances there are error messages that come when one is trying to download an app through Google Play Store. This can be confusing when one is unsure as to what the error message means. This also prevents application downloads from occurring or completing as well as an installation or updates from being completed. Hence, one needs to take steps to overcome the problem or Google Play Store will not function right. It also prevents one from using the app properly or downloading apps of their choice through this platform.

One such error message that often comes in Google Play is error code 24. This comes on when you are trying to install an application. When this error code shows you might be unable to complete download of an app. This can prove to be frustrating as one is unable to download new apps or update old ones when this error persists.

Play StoreIn order to overcome such a problem, there are certain steps that one can follow:

  • Clearing cache data can help to remove the error. For this, one needs to visit Settings under which the Application Manager is present. Under all apps one will find Google Play. When one visits Google Play they will find the option to clear cache. When this option is clicked one can get the cache data cleared.
  • Re-installing Google Play can also help to solve such an error and stop it from occurring. One could reset the app by uninstalling updates; the other option is to stop the application and uninstall it. Once this app is uninstalled, you can try to manually download the APK file of Google Play.

With Google Play Store downloaded as an APK file you can get it installed manually on your device. You can then start over and link a Google account with Google Play. Once this is done, you can then start downloading apps through this interface.

There are certain reasons when Google Play Store shows errors when you try to use it. One of the reasons is low memory space. If the apps that you download through it are saved on an SD card, there might come a time when the memory storage space reduces and that is when apps show errors when you wish to update or download more. In such cases you need to move the app to phone or internal memory space. This will give the apps more space and you will be able to download or update apps without any problem.

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