Play Store Update Version 8.2.55 (APK)

The Google Play Store app comes in different updated versions where previous versions are updated with relation with any fixes that were required, new features and ease of use of the application as well as greater security measures. Updates from Play Store are often issued within a short period of time. The version 8.2.55 which was released for Android OS devices came about a week after the last version was released. Every update ensures greater comparability and security for Android devices. If you have Google Play Store on your device, it is important that you download the updated version as and when these are made available. The updates that are available are known through text or push messages that arrive in your device.

Play Store

The Google Play Store is the premier Android app marketplace that is used by most Android devices. It is also compatible for running on non Android devices as long as an Android simulator software is running on it. For such reasons you need to ensure that you have the updated app running on your device. There are several functions and features it offers to a mobile device user:

  • Find the largest range of apps in different categories on this platform.
  • Link any Google account, you have to monitor your downloads and other activities.
  • Use the same Google Play account in multiple devices.
  • Update apps as well as delete or install new ones through this interface.

For the above features, Google Play Store is an essential app for most Android devices. It allows users to find all popular apps such as chat services, email account apps, shopping and other utility apps through this platform. As the largest number of apps and vendors provide their services through this platform, it becomes the one solution for all downloads.

In order to find the latest app update for Google Play Store, there are helpful links that one will find at different online websites. However, at the time of downloading the latest update you need to check the following:

  • Find the version that is compatible with your mobile device.
  • Check that the version you download will run on the Android OS that your mobile device runs with.

The above mentioned update for Google Play Store was created to overcome certain malware infected apps that were found on this platform. This also caused a lot of bad press to happen about Google Play Store. Hence, this update focused on removing the possibility of finding malware or spam ware in the apps found on this platform.

The Play Protect feature has been launched in this version. Though millions of apps are found on this Play Store, they are regularly scanned. This is done for games and different kinds of utility and entertainment apps found on this platform. It has also been made a policy that Play Store would launch an update every week so that malware infestation possibilities reduce with time.

With every update of Google Play Store users can experience several benefits. For instance, there is a new and improved user interface that one can check out on this platform; there are new app categories to be found as well. Though every update might not create a distinct look and feel differently in the app, but improvements do happen in the background. Hence, whatever works well are kept and other aspects are perfected on the side.Play Store

In certain cases updates are launched for certain regions. Often beta versions of updates are released for certain regions and then global updates are released. This particular app version strives to stabilize the different amenities. It is advisable that users of the app get the latest version update installed as it is released; this helps to ensure that bug fixes are implemented which in turn provides greater security measures to your device. As it becomes a gateway for different apps to be launched and downloaded, you need to ensure that security and protective features of Google Play remain high.

In case one downloads an update that does not fix errors in Google Play, it would also help to download the APK file and get it installed manually such as:

  • The installed application needs to be removed from the mobile device.
  • One needs to visit the search engine on their mobile web browser and find the compatible Google Play file for their device.
  • The file needs to be downloaded from a trusted source.
  • Once the source is verified, the file needs to be downloaded and installed.
  • When the right file is installed, it will be the latest updated version and work fine without errors.

In such ways one would be guaranteed an updated and working Google Play on their mobile device. This in turn will ensure a secure environment for downloading applications as well as updating them through this platform.

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