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HTC is an electronics brand of repute, started in 1997. This Taiwan based company started to make smart phones initially based on mobile operating software like Brew and Windows mobile. However, it soon adopted Android as the base of its mobile operating software and the first of the series Dream was launched in 2008. Today it has been able to manufacture Windows as well as android based smart phones.

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About HTC phones

In the sphere of Android based phones, HTC has launched several innovative models. It also launched Google Nexus 9 which was in collaboration with Google in the year 2014. The latest model that it launched is U11 Life which was launched in the month of November 2017.  The latest phone series of HTC flaunt the following features:

  • The U11 Life has a Snapdragon 630 processor, which is octa-core Qualcomm.
  • There is 3GB RAM memory as well as 32 GB internal storage capacity, which can be further expanded.
  • The primary camera in this latest series is as high as 16 megapixels for both front and back.

Being powered by Android 8.0, one can expect the best of the Android platform’s latest technology as well as HTC’s premier hardware technology. Hence, if one has this latest series of Android powered HTC phones, you will surely enjoy the latest features that mobile technology has to offer.

Google Play Store is the premier platform where you can source different kinds of Android apps. That makes it the most versatile and dependable platform from where one can download different kinds of Android apps.

Download Google Play on HTC phones

In case you do not find Google Play Store on your HTC phone, here are some steps to follow to download the same:

  • You can log onto the mobile browser on your phone and ensure that you have data connectivity or Wi-Fi on.
  • Once the data connection is found, log onto a search site like Google.
  • Type for the Android APK files Google Play Store for the kind of device and operating system version that you own.
  • Once the right source is found to download Google Play Store from, you can simply change the security settings in order to allow the file to download.
  • The installation will not take long as it is a light application which does not occupy much memory space.

Once the file is downloaded and installed, there are easy ways to access different kinds of Android apps on Google Play. There are certain advantages that Google Play will offer for your HTC Android phone:

  • The application has different versions that are built to provide compatibility with different hardware and Android operating systems. Hence, when you open Google Play Store on your HTC phone, you will find apps showcased that would be work for the Android OS that is compatible with your phone.
  • When you click to open the application, you would be prompted to login with a Google account. In case you have an account on Google Play Store on another device, you can use the same to log on in your HTC phone as well.
  • The Google account you use for accessing Google Play Store on your HTC phone will allow you to check the different categories of apps available here.

Apps from Google Play Store

HTC phones have different features and functions to offer. In order to maximize on the capabilities of your HTC phone, it is best that you search for apps that would be ideal for your phone on Google Play Store. For instance, you could use the search option to seek out apps suitable for your phone’s version. Again, any app you choose to download on Google Play Store would be compatible to work with your phone. That makes it a convenient choice when it comes to seeking out popular apps and wondering whether they would work on your device.Play Store

No matter which app you choose to download from Google Play Store for your HTC phone, here are the ways to go about it:

  • You could search for the app in the search panel or simply click on the drop down panel on the left hand side of the main page.
  • Here you will find the main categories displayed.
  • Once you find an app here that you want to download, you can click on it to know more.
  • Google Play not only displays the app description, but also provides screen shots of the same.
  • Once the screen shots and description are seen and gone through, one can then read the reviews and other customer testimonials to know more about an app.
  • There are other comparative apps that are displayed which provides one enough of choices.

The above points showcase how Google makes app download through Google Play a secure and convenient process. These are some ways one can be confident of downloading any app through Google Play Store. Indeed, there are different websites, applications and organizations who promote their apps through this platform. You are sure to find any popular app advertised to be available on Google Play. For all such reasons it makes sense to have Google Play downloaded on your HTC device and be able to depend on it to find any app of your choice which will be available for download as well as updating through this platform.

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