Play Store Download For HP

Currently, Google Play Store app is very important for many devices. It provides the users seamless experience of downloading apps from its vast app center. If you are using HP tablets, accessing Google Play Store will directly connect you with 700,000 apps those you can directly download to your devices. With this fast changing telecommunication world, having Play Store in your devices means you can download any type of app anytime you want from it.

About HP tablets

HP based in USA and specialized in manufacturing data storage, computing and networking hardware along with designing software. HP has a great reputation and has occupied a significant place in the world PC market. Apart from PC and tablets, it also manufactures printers and cartridges which are known as the most significant of its business. HP’s latest tablet names as Pro 8 has launched early September 2017. It has amazing features those make it more popular compared to others.

Features of HP tablets

HP’s reputation for PC making is unbreakable and it wants to maintain the same legacy on its tablets also. You probably want to know about the future of Pro 8. It has a 8 inch display with a broader resolution of 1200*800 pixels.

  • It has 2GB of RAM and it packs with 16GB of internal storage that is able to be elevated to 64GB. It also has a Yes camera at the rear that provides better resolution the snaps.
  • According to the official statement, HP Pro 8 is enabled with Android 6.0.
  • A 6000mAH battery is providing its power.
  • HP Pro 8 comes with 128*210.70*11.90 inches dimension and weight is around 488 grams.
  • This is a single SIM tablet. People those are looking for double SIM they should not go for this tablet.
  • There are a number of connectivity options available those are including Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and USB.
  • A number of sensors like Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Ambient light sensors are being installed to provide maximum room while using this tablet.

Apart from them, there are a lot of customer friendly features enabled in order to provide maximum using freedom.

Google Play Store on HP tablets 

If you are using HP Pro 8 tablet, it runs with the Android 6.0 version as a result, there is chances of Google Play Store would installed by default. You don’t need to download that separately. So in this way, you’ll able to access a platform which has a hundred thousand of apps are available to make your smart phone using experience better.

How to install Google Play Store in your HP tablet?

  • Suppose, your HP tablet didn’t get Google Play Store in it and you also won’t feel better without that. Here are steps and if you will follow them, surely it will be easy to download it.
  • First, if you have already an account, you need to log in to the web browser of your tablet first or if you are new then signing up for creating an account.
  • To get Google Play Store APK file, you need to login to Google or different app stores.
  • Once you have located Google Play Store APK files, make sure that, that APK is compatible with the tablet.
  • Now time to down and allow the installation process to be completed. Some devices also may ask to change the security setting for allowing the Google Play Store download.

Initially install ADB and then Google Play Sore

ADB is important to be installed on your PC that runs with Windows systems. There are various sources available to get them easily.

HP Pro 8 and Windows PC needed to be connected through the USB cable.

  • Straight go the Inter USB Driver appropriate for Android devices.
  • Click on the download link.
  • Accept the term and conditions when the license agreement is shown in a popup window.
  • Click on “download now” link that can be shown after accepting the license agreement.
  • Now there is a zip file will be downloaded.
  • Unzip it now, which should contain a single installer.
  • Now time to run that installer.
  • Make sure to click on Yes if you have seen any dialogue box seeking permission to allow the app you want to change in PC.
  • Then follow the step by step installation prompts and accept the lenience agreement.
  • Make sure that, you have checked right driver and then select next.
  • Then it will come where, to install and you should select the right location.
  • Now click on the install button.
  • Select OK, then the installation process will be finished.
  • Now select a finish to end the installer.

All the essential packages will be getting installed once you have connected your HP Pro 8 tablet to the PC. Google Play Store and Google Play Services both will be installed during this process and after this just reboot your tablet and then you will find the Google Play Store shortcut on your screen.

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