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Do you love Windows phones? If the answer is yes, it has more reason to love them even more. Solely developed by Microsoft, window phones are belongs to OS those are designed as a proper alternative to Window Mobiles. Windows Phone 7 was the first smart phone launched by Microsoft. After acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft in the year 2011, all Nokia phones are started using Microsoft developed operating system.

The launch of Windows 10 has come with various features and made people cheering along with surprises. After achieving an ample position in computer operating systems, then they changed the focus to develop mobile platforms. Now, Microsoft allows Android application on its windows phone.

Install android app on your windows phone 

There was a surprise that how Microsoft and Google those are known as the arch rivals, allows Android OS in windows phones. The Android scene has already got a way to be installed with Windows Phone. Such type of process which known as command window and occasional application

It was truly a matter of concern that, how different Android applications, those use Google services and components for their functionality will be run on Windows phones? Doubt was cleared when developers announced that, this application cannot be run until acquire them correctly which will suitable for Windows Phones.

Then the solution came out, you need install Wconnect tool and Andriod ADB tools to properly access Android apps in windows phones.  As Android apps didn’t work perfectly, they need to be a developer’s nod and development kit in order to carry out the process.

Extract APK file

There are a number of circumstances come when the phone needs to be formatted. Sometimes when Google found that application you are using is completely violence of the copyright act, it will block that instantly. In order to prepare your phone to reinstall that useful application, sometimes you have to format your phone and after restart, you found that the applications get deleted. In such scenario, you need to APK file of Google Play Store to enjoy its services. It will be easy to extract it some different device.

Now you may question that, why APK is important? APK will be helping you in case, that application goes deleted. This is known as the driver for the program you want. In this scenario, while your device is not able to extract APK as there is no application or APK extractor is installed, you need to bring it from any other device.

Extract from application

In order to extract the APK from the application in order to save it for different applications to use later, An APK Extractor is needed.

  • Go to APK extractor.
  • Check the all the installed application on the device.
  • Choose your desire app.
  • Extract APK if you want to use it later.
  • Send it to the device via Bluetooth or USB where it is needed to be installed.

When you want to download the APK file of Google Play Store from PC so that you can easily install it on your device. For this:

  • Go to browser and choose the right site that will provide you Google Play Store setup
  • Choose for the device, it is going to be installed.
  • Click on download link. Now done.

After getting an APK file, you have to transfer it to your own device where you will install that. To transfer, USB is the safest mode.

Install ADB before installing Google Play Store

  • ADB is important to be installed in your PC. This can be easily gotten from various sites those offer apps.
  • Windows Phone and PC needs to be connected through the USB cable.
  • Go to Super Tools folder and extract on your PC.
  • To start the installation process, right click to play-store. Bat file.
  • Make the option agree that shows a message that “Allow USB debugging”.
  • Launch the .bat file and on the screen type 2 then enter the option and now the tool will install Google Play Store.

On device while you have transferred the APK file to your own phone, time to change the setting in the device

  • Go to device setting after finding tap on it.
  • You will get a long detail of your apps.
  • Scroll down and choose the security option.
  • Allow unknown source option.
  • After successfully enabling, your device is now successfully ready to receive files from other devices.

Now locate that transferred files

  • To locate that file, tap on the home screen.
  • Choose the device option and tap on it.
  • It will ask you to agree with it terms and conditions, tap “I agree”.
  • Then your Google Play will be installed.

For better performance, reboot once your device, after starting, you can see Google Play Store icon front of your home screen. To use it, login with your Google account and having this app, you will able to access to more 700,000 apps. So install and enjoy now.

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