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LG has occupied third place and largest mobile manufacturer in the entire world. From smart phones to PCs, LG is the recognizable name among customers. Packing such phones with the latest innovative features and making them available in pocket friendly price is believed the key to its business success. LG smart phones run with the Android OS and its tablets are also using the same operating systems. Someone can find a large number of smart phones from LG those are popular enough for their features. Some of the phones are, LG G4, LG Flex2, and LG Optimus Pad etc. These smart phones are viable with Google Play Store which is the official app from Android OS. If that Play Store has not installed by default, you need to install it in different to enjoy its benefits.

Google Play Store for LG smart phones

Google Play Store is familiar for all smart phone users. Those are new, they should keep one thing in mind that, Google Play Store is the platform that allows developers to upload their apps and in this way they can reach to the vast number of those users are willing to simplify their needs thorough those innovative apps.  Now, Google Play Store is loaded with more than 700,000 apps. This is an essential and official app for all Android phones and tablets.

LG G4 is one of such smart phones that captured the market due to its features. People those are inexpert with photography, but they had a burning interest in it, LG G4 is just a boon for them. Its high quality 16 megapixel rear camera is enough to tell about why it was so popular among them. It has just helped them to take high resolution snaps to spread them at Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

Before LG G4, which is especially known for its snaps, it had released LG V10 which was known as the initial smart phone from LG. This model is especially popular for videos. LG V10 comes with powerful RAM that allows you to record visuals seamlessly. Plus, it is studded with different video controlling features like adjustable video frames and its shutter speed. To add more features in your creativity, a video editing app from Google Play Store is enough to accomplish the dream.

Teens and toddlers, those are die-hard fan of their favorite games, they can’t even leave without LG Flex2.  Without any flaw, it will go for twenty hours on a single charge. So, gamers won’t let it down the proposal to purchase it.

How to download Google Play Store for LG smart phones?

As LG smart phones are run with Android OS, they should have Play Store. This is because; it is the official product of Google like Gmail, Maps etc.

Suppose, your smart phone is missing this essential app, you can fix it without much hassle.

Possible reasons for why your LG phone is missing Google Play Store despite of having latest Android version

  • This could be happening on such LG smart phones, those are being imported from China.
  • Also, if you have purchased any second hand smart phone, possibly it may delete that app before your handover.
  • If that phone left without getting an official Google certificate.

Some users also love to use latest updates of Play Store for their LG phones before their turn comes up in the waiting of automatic update. If that is automatically being updated, there are various ways available that can make you available latest Play Store app manually.

Ways to download Google Play Store for LG phones

It is quite easy for the people those want to download and install Google Play Store for their Android phones.

  • First, go to the app in your LG smart phone to find setting option.
  • After getting it, taps it on.
  • It will come with large details of apps are in your phone, but you have to ignore them and just scroll down to find security option and on it.
  • The objective of this type of operation is, to enable source option of your devices that will allow installation app from any unknown source.
  • After completing this step, open your browser now and search for the right source where you will get your desirable Google Play Store app. Needless to mention, there are a number of sites available those are popular and providing such useful apps freely.
  • Else, you can do it from your PC. Before going to Google Play Store, just download an APK downloader app on your PC.
  • Brose for Google Play Store listing and choose the right App package along with the app name from the address bar, just copy that link and paste it on APK downloader and it’ll generate download link instantly.
  • The APK file will get downloaded on your PC. Just transfer it to your LG phone and install it to enjoy its seamless services.
  • It will be better, after installation, just reboot your phone and then you can see the Google Play Store shortcut on your home page.

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