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Google Play Store needs no introduction to those who own Android devices. This app is more than an application, but acts as a platform where one can find different kinds of Android applications. Google started the Android operating system and soon after the mobile devices were launched it was felt that apps were required to make such devices more useful. Initially the Android marketplace was launched after which it was renamed as the Google Play Store.

Play Store


This app acts as a digital distribution platform which is run by Google. Today it has gained the status of being the largest and premier marketplace for sourcing different Android apps. This platform has different versions and compatible forms that make it possible to run on different smart phones and tablets that are built with different Android operating system versions. Android is an open source operating system, developers from around the world can use the software development kit to create different kinds of apps.

Google Play Store is a marketplace for Android apps, developers and software firms upload can make different Android apps available through this platform. However, they are verified and reviewed by Google Play Store that in turn gives users the confidence to download the apps through this platform.

There are different features that users get to enjoy about Google Play Store on their device:

  • It usually comes pre installed as a free app for most Android devices.
  • Those who do not have the Google Play Store on their device can download the same as a free Android app.
  • Google Play Store works by linking an existing Google account of the user or creating one.
  • Once an account is created, the same can be used on more than one device to access the different apps available on this platform.
  • Google Play Store offers access to apps of different varieties, paid or free as well as allows users to manage these apps on this platform.

Google Play Store download for Android devices

If you wish to download Google Play Store for Android devices the process is an easy one. Google Play Store is an apk file that is easily available for download on different websites. Here are some points to remember when you are trying to download Google Play for your Android device:

  • If you have bought a new Android device, chances are that Google Play Store is already preloaded on it.
  • This application is a free APK file that one can search and download directly on their Android device.
  • At the time of downloading you need to check that the version of the file would be compatible with the device you use.
  • Ensure that security settings on your phone or tablet allow download from unknown sources.
  • Once you download the file through your mobile web browser, run the installation.
  • When Google Play Store is successfully downloaded to your device you will be able to run the same.
  • You would be asked to key in the login details of an existing Google account to begin; in case you do not have a Google account from before you can open one through the Play Store interface.

Google Play Store download for non Android devices

For those who are looking to download Google Play Store for non Android devices, there are different ways of doing it. Google has made it possible for certain apps be compatible with non Android devices as well. However, to run Google Play Store on a non Android operating system would require creating an emulated platform which would mimic the Android OS. Here are some pointers on how to get Google Play Store on non Android devices:

  • If you are trying to experience Google Play Store on Apple devices, there are select versions of Google Play Store that are available for download on iTunes which is the official store of iOS apps. Hence, you could search for Google Play Movies or Music whose compatible versions are available on iTunes.Play Store
  • Google Play Store can be downloaded as a complete Android app on jail broken Apple devices. There are emulator programs which allow you to have Android apps on Apple devices including Google Play Store.
  • When it comes to other non Android devices such as Windows phones, the same principle applies. As there is no compatible Google Play app for Windows, you would need to download an emulator program for your device on which you can then download Google Play Store.

The above points showcase the different ways Google Play Store becomes available for the different Android and non Android devices. As it is a versatile application that is free for download, it helps to bring endless possibilities for your mobile device. Apps of different kinds can be downloaded through this platform. What’s more, you would be assured of a secure way to access different kinds of Android apps. Most popular, free or paid Android apps are on this platform and you need not go anywhere to find an app of your choice. This app platform also allows you to update apps that you install on your device. It scans the apps before you download and provide you details of the same including reviews and ratings of others.

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